Live almost ninety years soul to soul and die in one day

To live almost ninety years soul to soul and die in one dayA photo from open sources

Despite the popular belief that earthly love is short-lived, there are many examples in the world when spouses live happily ever after, and die in one day.

A photo from open sources

That’s what happened the other day with spouses from California, Jeanette and Alexander Tochko, who lived a life together seventy-five years, but they themselves believed that their love lasted much longer – from the age of eight. It was at school that they met, and from those ever loved each other, and in 1940 sealed their love by marriage. Yes, and lived – wisely, cheerfully and happily – all seventy five years old.

A photo from open sources

A few weeks ago, Alexander accidentally broke his hip, which confined him to bed. Most likely from a disorder due to husband’s illness fell into bed and Jeanette. The local hospice has gone to meet the elderly spouses, so loving each other, and, so that not to separate them, allocated a separate chamber for the Four Points.

A photo from open sources

That morning, the sister who came into their room found herself touching scene in her life: the elderly lay motionless, obviously already dead, but they hugged each other. They passed away in one a moment, continuing to love, no matter what. Presumably, that this happy couple will carry their bright love through millennia …

A photo from open sources

The last photo of the embraced in an eternal pursuit of each other Jeanette and Alexandra Tochko made by their daughter Amy.

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