Live lie detectors

Photo from open sources According to psychologists, if a person in certain circumstances left to itself, count in his nobility and honesty can be in very small quantities cases. But you can fight it, and quite simple means, because all people, in essence, are big children, behind whom literally need an eye and an eye. These eyes are opposite “Observation or even its illusion can make a person control your behavior and abandon some unseemly acts. Experiments have shown that if on drinks vending machines that theoretically can avoid payment, stick an image of a pair of eyes, then in many honesty awakens to customers, even if before that it is peaceful slept a good night. The decisive role of the eye stimulator The following experiment proved honesty: the above image replaced with inexpressive flowers, and some people immediately ceased to pay the required fee. “” Comparison by example a vending machine with drinks gave a stunned researchers result: under by observing the gaze, the collection of money improved 2.76 times. Human Behavioral Specialist Dr. Melissa Bateson suggests that one of features of the human brain: It is very important for us to know, sees whether anyone is us. After all, no matter how cynical the skeptic may be, this or that a different individual, his psyche inexorably responds to a look with hand, even if it’s just an image. “Now scientists They intend to introduce their discovery into everyday life. It is like psychologists think will allow a fairly simple way to reduce level of antisocial behavior, especially when people are faced with the choice of how to behave – good or bad. Gray and white At the same time, “scratch everyone under one comb,” it would be at least incorrect. How many people – so many forms of behavior. And not necessarily that this behavior in “favorable” conditions can only become antisocial. A lot depends on the education laid down parents of genes and even the amount of white matter in the brain. Yes, yes, it is white, not gray. Recent study held at the University of California at Los Angeles by doctors Adrian Rain and Yaling Young showed that in the brain pathological liars have certain structural abnormalities. These people, as shown by transmission by magnetic resonance, the prefrontal region of the brain contains less gray and more white matter than ordinary individuals. From the past Research is known that the prefrontal region of the brain is noticeably activated when normal people begin to lie. Apparently this part of the brain is associated with moral training, and with a feeling of remorse. “The gray matter is composed of brain cells, and white is a kind of connecting wiring between them. The excess of white matter, according to researchers, increases the ability of pathological liars to lie and weakens their moral containment. “Young children, scientists say, usually don’t know how to lie well, but by about 10 years old, just when they the proportion of white matter in the brain rises sharply, begin cheating is already much better. If the results of this discovery will be reliably confirmed, they can be used for staging clinical diagnoses and for forensic purposes, along with lie detectors. “False witnesses” Speaking of detectors. American scientists have revealed a striking phenomenon. As it turned out, among us there are people who are capable of error-free, without application any technique to determine whether a person is lying or not. “During the experiments scientists have found that a small number of people – 0.002 percent of the world’s population – there is an incredible ability to feel False. Moreover, their level of effectiveness exceeds the most modern lie detectors, which are now widely used intelligence services and even courts. “” A lie detector or polygraph is capable of determine whether a person is cheating or not with a level of confidence in 70 percent. In people with an innate gift for false vision, this percentage much higher. “To recognize a liar, these people use expression on his face, body movements and manner of speaking. Moreover, they determine whether a person is lying or not, as in communication with living people, and video recordings Professor of Psychology Dr. Maureen O’Sullivan said about this: “Although people can hide their emotions, but they cannot control their reflection on their faces. If we experiencing strong emotions, a certain expression appears on our faces for at least a split second. Some people may catch these microreflections, and we will study their experience. ” scientists from the University of San Francisco became interested relevant security departments of major banks and companies, and also special services that have already scored a small group of living lie detectors (among them there are a lot of magicians speaking on variety) that will be used in various investigations.

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