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In the courtyard of the second decade of the twenty-first century, and you can to think that any scrap of sushi on our “blue ball” has long been examined up and down. However, this is a misconception. Undoubtedly, man managed to study most of his planet, however, this does not mean that there are no places left on Earth, which are not fraught with amazing mysteries that invariably pose scientists to a standstill.

About Sable Island

One of these places is Sable in the north. Atlantic ocean. Today it is considered part of Canada and located one hundred eighty kilometers southeast of coast of Nova Scotia. Sable has the shape of a crescent. Its length is approximately forty-two kilometers, and the width is about one and a half kilometers. On the island, they live on average year-round five local meteorological staff station.

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Among the vegetation, only grass and rare ones are found here. undersized shrubs. On Sable, at one time they tried to plant trees, however, all of them died in the shortest possible time. On the island home to a well-known wild horse population of about three hundred goals. It is believed that they were brought here at the end eighteenth century Franco-Kazakh. In addition, there is the largest colony of long-faced seals on the planet. In 1960 the Canadian government decided to start protecting horses and seals, therefore, recognized this territory as a reserve, allowing it visit only with special permission.

Weather anomalies on an unusual island

But what is so unusual and mysterious about Sable?

To begin with, two powerful Atlantic currents – icy waters of the Arctic and the warm Gulf Stream. Therefore, numerous whirlpools are constantly spinning around the island, and it storms here almost all year round. Retreating so disgusting weather for a person in only one month – in July. As if on command, wind and rain cease, clouds disperse, and the days suddenly become surprisingly fine. The sun is shining, blowing pleasant breeze. Scientists still can not determine why so going on.

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By the way, only at this time of year does Sable cease to be impregnable and allows people to land on it, however exclusively on boats and only on the north side where there are few underwater rocks.

An island that moves and changes

Amazingly, this piece of land in the ocean does not stand still, but continuously in motion. He swims east at a speed two hundred meters a year. Sable has done this in the last century. twenty kilometers! On eighteenth-century maps of the island designated a few degrees north and much closer to the mainland. Topographers have long despaired of making an accurate map of the region. Atlantic, because the island just refuses to have permanent location.

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As you know, almost all the islands are gradually moving, however their speed is about two millimeters per year. So, Sable swims a hundred thousand times faster than his brethren.

Among other things, the width of the island has a habit from time to change. Sable is “losing weight”, then again becomes wider. Only the length of this crescent remains unchanged.

How Sable lures and drowns ships

Portuguese sailors who first found this island in 1521, First they called him Santa Cruz, that is, the Island of the Holy Cross. However, such a name quickly ceased to be used, since nothing charitable on this earth, as it turned out, was not.

Soon the islet was renamed Sable. It’s not known exactly what this name means. From different languages ​​”Sable” can be translated as “month”, “sand”, “saber”, “sable” or even “black, mourning color. “The last option is perhaps the most similar to the truth, since sailors really called each other an island Mourning. Atlantic Cemetery and Ship Eater – more some names of the terrible and mysterious island, eloquently talking about the attitude of sailors to him.

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Since the sixteenth century, hundreds of military, commercial, fishing, expeditionary and pirate ships. According to the official statistics, only Sable sank three and a half hundred ships, however in fact, there are many more, and this number has clearly exceeded a long time ago per thousandth mark. In the old days among sailors who visited this region of the North Atlantic and having caution not close to Sable, there was a legend about a living island, which, like a giant waterfowl predator, is waiting for ships and lures them to him. From a distance, the island always seemed friendly and calm, however, when the ships sailed too close to him and no longer had the opportunity to turn around, a strong storm began, and ships threw on underwater cliffs. The last thing the unfortunate saw drowning, were the skeletons of other ships that went to the bottom of the bottom.

In the thirties of the last century, Canadian scientists gathered here expedition to check if sea legends are really have some kind of ground, and Sable is an abnormal place. What was their surprise when they found on its shore numerous shipwrecks! It turned out that the island consists of quicksand that constantly moves and literally shattered ships are enveloped, as if swallowing them. Other such places there is simply no planet.

An island or a living creature?

The sharp reefs surrounding Sable are unique. They have the color of marine water, therefore it is impossible to notice them even at close range. IN Zoology is such a thing as mimicry, meaning ability living things appear to disguise themselves as other species. Cliffs near The mourning islands do exactly the same, that is, they possess mimicry – and even this alone can be considered something beyond the limits fantastic, almost unearthly.

The local sands also have a strange property. If you dig in If there is a hole in them, then it instantly fills with ocean water. How is that perhaps no one knows. Like any other island, Sable needs to believed to be the top of the seamount, but where from in In this case, water comes from below, it is completely incomprehensible. But maybe, there is no mountain, and this piece of land is in no way connected with the sea upside down? This could explain its high speed of movement along the ocean …

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Researchers supernatural phenomena put forward more daring theories. For example, that Sable is a full-fledged living the body. This, according to experts, may be an alien from parallel world, for example, left on Earth by aliens a biorobot or even a creature that has always been on our planet, long before the first bacterium began to evolve. It is not necessary that the island is a predator. Maybe he simply does not like people (and why love them?) and does not allow foolish earthlings close to themselves, at least in large quantity and, most importantly, with aggressive intentions. For example, wild horses have been quietly living here for more than two hundred years, constantly breeding. They feed on grass and drink seawater without testing on the island is no inconvenience. Like long-mouthed seals. These animals Sable does not suck in the sand and does not kill, because they can live in harmony with nature.

Sable people

However, as mentioned above, there are still people here. It goes about shiftable staff at a weather station open on island back in 1871. These five professionals are currently they explore water and air here, flying in and out by helicopter. IN On average, one researcher lives on the island for three months. According to employees of the station, they are already used to both the storm and the local oddities. For example, sometimes at night there is a creepy an obscure fog. And it’s better not to even try take a walk in this fantastic haze of the island …

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Ships are often visible on the horizon from the island. Sable today located in the area of ​​active navigation of ships. Nonetheless, modern technologies like GPS navigators allow you to fully avoid wrecks. The island, although capable of moving, is by no means so fast as to chase tankers and bulk carriers yourself. However, apparently, he is not only reasonable, but also quite peace-loving, that is, does no harm to anyone until he will disturb. People have been ordered here – more than five are not going to …

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