Loknyanskaya Polyana

Loknyanskaya PolyanaA photo from open sources

About this place residents of Loknyansky district, which is located in Pskov region, they prefer to remain silent: for many decades in the people have a deep-rooted belief that a man who is not averse to him talk, he will certainly die soon.

Alas, these fears are not without reason: over the past half century a village located just sixteen kilometers from regional center, almost extinct. And the worst thing is that death many of its inhabitants were unnatural …

Quirks of Loknyanskaya Glade

The tragedies were different: in the nameless river here, even rather a stream, the thirteen-year-old son of the collective farm foreman drowned, then the village blacksmith who galloped the horse died, having received a blow from her in the hoof’s head, the previously humble bull mortally wounded to the milkmaid-drummer, then, patching the roof, the house cutter fell off her … From strong and healthy people died before unknown ailments …

Photo from open sources

The sinister tradition of the Loknian phenomenon was born approximately fifty years ago. Then from the herd strayed and lost in the forest a few cows. Look for their shepherd helped two teens, who seemed to know that they often knew every bush … Suddenly the guys heard the cow roar and added to the pace. Soon they reached a huge glades, the ground on which was charred, and saw a fantastic picture: the cows, approaching the middle of the meadow, broke out, as if torches, and then fell underground! ..

Running into the village, frightened teenagers told their parents about the clearing glade. Suddenly one boy’s grandfather remembered: in childhood, he heard from his father about the existing in the forest a huge funnel hole that terrified the local people. Legends about her were one worse than the other. For example, they said that underground passages that lead to enfilade go to the side of the funnel rooms: from there appear some creatures abducting small children. They also said that even with bright sun hanging over the meadow fog in which strange shadows flicker not just some dwarf humans, not that fantastic animals. The one who set foot to the cursed glade, it will disappear without a trace (some, however, come back, but a few more years are as if under hypnosis: they have partial memory loss, often slow speech, etc.).

The legend of Loknyanskaya glade

In the 16th century, on the site of an ominous meadow, the princely a house surrounded by barns, barns, cattle pens. Had stable and kennel. Gentlemen served many servants.

Photo from open sources

Once (before the reign of Ivan the Terrible) in A terrible thunderstorm erupted in the vicinity. Sparkled continuously lightning, the earth was shaken by thunder. Suddenly at the same time the princely tower was struck by dozens of lightning. Shuddering earth opened – and under it the whole estate with buildings and people went. A gigantic foundation pit appeared that seemed bottomless.

A lot of time passed, a huge funnel gradually dragged on land, taking the form of a large round meadow. And around her abundantly trees and shrubs grew, their solid ring fenced off a mysterious place from the rest of the world.

It was very difficult to get through this green wall. However if it was still possible for people or animals, they were almost doomed. What is still remarkable: the corpses of the dead are not decomposed for a decade, and the skin on them over time became reddish. And only after ten years the remains began to rot, gradually turning into decay.

The villagers sometimes dragged out the dead cattle from the meadow hooks to bury, and wild animals and birds remained to lie here, gradually decaying.

The anomalous zone that arose in the area of ​​the Lokniansky glade, periodically, as it were, expanding and capturing the unfortunate village. Moreover, she apparently acted on the psyche of people, since fights often broke out between neighbors, and sometimes without any occasions that often ended in someone else’s death. Also without cattle died for obvious reasons, fires broke out, etc.

The attraction and inaccessibility of Loknyanskaya glade

Many people in desperation tried to leave the danger zone. However, going on a journey or even doing tens of kilometers, are forced were to turn back: some unknown force drove them home. Meanwhile, the deadly meadow continued to collect annual tribute: it seems that all the local residents tried to bypass it, however, every now and then fell into a terrible trap. Someone disappeared without a trace in the forest, someone was forever left to lie on Loknyanskoy glade …

About people who managed to get out of the cursed glade and christian bury, said no bodily they had no damage, but their faces froze indescribable horror …

However, there was a period, according to local residents, when this The phenomenon has saved many lives. During World War II, for example, the Germans, for some reason, did not occupy the village. Marching through it, they settled in neighboring villages, but about this village command seemed to have forgotten.

… In the 60s, these lands were very attractive for researchers, heard mystical stories. A number of expeditions have been here, but only one came back in full force. That in reality happened to them in Loknyansky district, the former expeditioners were silent, but it’s known that many of for an inexplicable reason, their hair fell sharply, people also suffered from severe headaches. One girl completely covered in strange little sores and passed away in local the hospital; the doctors were never able to diagnose her.

It was during these years that the activity of the anomalous zone was once again rose: fantastic rays flashed over the forest at night, which from above hit just where the damn thing was clearing, in the afternoon, bizarre mirages appeared over the village, terrified the locals.

The watchmen guarding the collective farm herd at night sometimes noticed how luminous dots like stars move across the sky, and from they periodically showered with “silver rain” – sparks, dissolving in the air and not having time to reach the earth.

Loknyanskaya Polyana releases its victims

Several years have passed. The local river got shallow, and then completely went underground. In place of its channel, tall grass of unusual a green shade in which insects were not found …

And another event was a surprise for the villagers. Many days of heavy rains washed away the old churchyard, which located on a hill near the forest, and it turned out that buried never mind when the corpses did not decompose. Also good preserved clothes on them.

… And yet, the danger zone let go of its victims. The bulk of the villagers moved to other villages, and young people even preferred to disperse into cities, away from black spot. The village is empty, and only abandoned houses testify that people used to live here. However, the legend of the deadly glade is still alive, although looking for it only the bravest “strangers” who come for the summer and renting houses in nearby villages. Alas, not everyone succeeds return from such trips …

* * *

The Pskov region is fraught with many other mystical secrets, for example, the curse of fire dogs, riddles of red stones that they knew well and with whom local people were able to coexist seamlessly Slavic tribes Seto. Watch a documentary about this.


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