Looks like a teenager: a slender 70 year old Italian shared a secret

Looks like a teenager: a slender 70-year-old Italian woman shared a secretA photo from open sources

70-year-old Italian Norma Williams talked about how she manages to look slender in his years like a teenager. The main success factors the Italian considers a strong desire and perseverance.

The Italian proves by her example that age cannot be figure indicator. Looking at her pictures is hard to imagine that they are a seventy year old woman.

Norm’s weight is 60.5 kilograms with a height of 170 cm. A woman is a native of Britain, but she liked the Italian climate so much that she and her family moved to Italy. She has her own here real estate business. Last twenty years she is very carefully controls his weight and is engaged in physical exercises, regardless of mood and weather.

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In addition, the Italian takes daily walks. If the woman’s weight begins to exceed 60 kg by at least 500 grams, then the number of walks per day is increased up to two times.

Norma Williams uses it for 1-2 for love of red wine glasses a day. Also in her diet may include: salted cookies, walnuts, Greek yogurt with dried cranberries or honey, Chocolate Rice Crackers.

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In the morning, until the training passes, the woman does not have breakfast, but after class, she uses various pastries with a cup of cappuccino. IN at noon, as a snack, the Italian eats oranges, bananas and other fruits. For lunch, she has protein-rich foods that includes beans, carrots, broccoli or mushrooms in soy sauce. On the dinner for a woman with chicken breast with beans and carrots. In her diet may also include fresh vegetable salads, pasta with vegetables and olive oil. And for cooking a woman uses only olive oil.

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In general, such a diet cannot be called rigid, since the 70-year-old Granny doesn’t mind eating Neopolitan pizza, red and wine and chocolate. In addition, Norma believes that you should not refuse pleasures, because thanks to them, life becomes happier and more positive.

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