Lost in the jungle or parallel measurement?

Lost in the jungle or in parallel dimension?A photo from open sources

Chilean Mikul Koroseo Akunya in February of this year, at visiting the Madidi National Park, which is located in Bolivia, strangely lost and could not be found for nine days.

Before heading to the jungle, Bolivian guides conduct a special ceremony of reverence for Mother Nature, thanks why excursions into the forest become safe. That’s all that time tourists were invited to a special forest hut in order to appease “spirits of nature”, ask them for permission to visit them possessions.

However, Mikul Akunya somehow follow with everyone in the hut refused, and when the group was already about to move along the chosen route, the guide suddenly noticed that twenty-five the guy is not among them. And he was literally seen by some five minutes ago, but neither screams nor subsequent searches helped tourists find your friend.

Ultimately, a dirty sock was found near the hut Mikula, which was later used by local shamans, so that connect with the guy’s soul and ask him what happened to him. Local sorcerers were sure that the guy fell into another world (parallel to ours), but because they did some magic rituals in order to get him out of there.

Head of travel company Max Adventures, which arranges Bolivian jungle tours, Feysar Nava was sure that Michael punished for his disrespect for Mother Nature, evil spirit in this case, the duende attacks a person and carries him to another measurement. That’s why the guy instantly disappeared, and from him not almost no trace left. And the sock, most likely, was graciously “planted” in the form of a bonus for the fact that all other members the groups went through the ceremony of worshiping Mother Nature.

On the ninth day of the search, in which the best rangers of the national park they heard from the jungle a voice about help. Miles from the camp, a search team found Mikul, which was on the verge of physical and moral exhaustion, as well as all scratched and bitten by insects. His legs were swollen and therefore he barely moved.

A photo from open sources

When the guy came to his senses on the second day, he really didn’t could explain how and why he disappeared. Michael only remembered that he Alone wandered through the woods in search of his camp, remembered how for some reason threw out the flashlight and mobile phone, then took off his sandals and socks, recalled that he was trying to follow the monkeys who threw him fruits from the trees and pointed the way to the water. Then he completely lost all hope and only prayed to God …

Perhaps this saved the guy, the spirits took pity and let him go. Note that the last time in this national park was lost tourist in 1981. It was an Israeli who was selected for people even longer – three weeks. About his adventures in the jungle later even a film was made – Back from Tuichi.


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