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Probably one of the most famous cases when an airplane flies from the past, is the 1992 Venezuelan incident. Then at a Caracas airport a US charter plane landed Douglas DC-4, missing in 1955 (read more about this in a note on our site “Once in Venezuela landed plane from the past “). But it turns out, this is not an isolated case a similar plan.

Today another similar flight from past, however, even stranger and even, one might say, mystical.

According to journalists of many foreign tabloids, October 12 1989 at the Brazilian Salgado Filho Airport in Porto Alegre Santiago 513 Flight Landed on September 4, 1954 of the year. It was a commercial airliner in Germany, which was heading to Brazil, to its state capital Rio Grande do Sul, however reached only the Atlantic Ocean, where in the region of the mysterious Bermuda the triangle just disappeared. The search for the missing plane at that time did not yielded no results.

And so he lands at the destination point after … 35 years. But not this is even the most amazing. When airport controllers contacted an outdated Super aircraft Constellation that appeared in the sky in the Salgado Filho area and prepared him a landing strip, then they’ve been talking with the pilot. But when airport and security officials infiltrated finally aboard the mysterious airliner, for none of it went out and didn’t open the doors, we found that the cabin and the cockpit full of skeletons – 88 passengers and 4 crew members.

Having determined what kind of aircraft it was, the Brazilian authorities began investigation of the incident, classified information, although somewhat notes about this at the time still leaked to the press.

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Lost in time, nobody needs a plane

Today, almost 30 years after this strange incident, no one really knows what the intelligence services of two countries (Brazil and Germany), what to learn for yourself and why before still for the general public this information remains classified.

It must be assumed that everything in it, as with the case of the American Douglas DC-4, foggy, fantastic and, most importantly, not fits into the framework of our rational thinking. Recognize this officially – it means to admit that our world is completely different how official science presents it to us. Not to admit means you need to find reasoned arguments to explain such incidents, but they are not. As stated by Dr. Celso Atello, specializing in paranormal, you can almost with one hundred percent certainty that the flight 513 airlines Santiago fell into the “hole of time”, that’s just how he managed to land with skeletons is an even greater mystery, a reasonable the explanation of which is difficult to even come up with …

Therefore, Orthodox scholars, special services and authorities acted as always – they pretended that nothing happened, and if you say more precisely – they just kept silent. By the way, that would be easy impossible if 90 percent of the Earth’s people didn’t think too narrowly rationally, since each of them from childhood was taught false truths – about almost everything: about the origin of man, about the structure of our world, about the history of civilization, about morality and spirituality, and so on …

Such a person laments – a rationalist-skeptic this information, laughs, for example, at how these skeletons spoke to airport controllers Salgadu Filho, and then still safely they landed a plane, even if it was supposed to have flown from of the past, and calm down. And put on this story bold point. That’s exactly what the special services counted on, when it’s just classified this information – why people make people laugh and excite. IN In this regard, there is an excellent Russian proverb: the less you know, the stronger you sleep …

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