Lost people in national parks Of America

Lost People in America's National ParksPhoto from open sources

People disappear around the world, but in most cases few people know this: only local authorities, the police and relatives. But there is such a country as the USA, where an interesting tradition has developed the study of any paranormal phenomena: numerous clubs and organizations involved in this, thanks to which (like Internet, of course) we can draw an amazing conclusion: most often, people disappear in the national parks and forests of America.

Of course, this is not the case, as well as the fact that UFOs appear most often over USA. Just thanks to American enthusiasts – independent researchers of abnormal phenomena, we know more of these cases from North America, including the mysterious the disappearances of people whose bodies are never found, as if someone took and erased them from this life, while somehow forgetting erase another memory of them.

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For example, in 1969 in Origon the avid hunter Robert Winters with his three sons went to the forest and … disappeared. More sixty experienced trackers were searching for men, but all to no avail. However, nine months later, by chance Wintes glove and boot discovered. And they were clearly neatly removed from the body. And if there are no questions with the glove, then how did someone take off Robert’s shoe? ..

Who steals people and why?

In this article, we will consider a case that, if it doesn’t explain, where people go, at least it shows how it can happen because the witness of this incident B.Hitt could very well to be among the disappeared people, but for some reason he and his family it was not destined, as he himself later put it, they simply did not fit for this purpose.

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Together with his wife and 4-year-old son, a man that day (this happened two years ago) while traveling in a national park near Cleveland City, went to the Ravens Falls. On the trail leading uphill, the family suddenly met a boy of about ten. Nothing like special, if you do not take into account that the child was alone in the forest, more when a man met his eyes, he somehow didn’t in itself – it was a piercing and sinister look far from a child.

Much later, the family decided to go to another waterfall, more that the path to him from the car parking was just magnificent – picturesque and promising for pleasant sensations. There was not a soul around. After a quarter mile or more, Hitt looked back at the valley, seeing the path they had just overcome – the path was empty, no one followed them. However a minute later, a strange woman suddenly caught up with the family, and she moved along the trail quickly and gracefully, like a cat. And there was a feeling the man recalls, as if this “cat” was chasing them, hunting on them.

The woman was dressed somehow strangely, as if all this belonged to a completely different era, in addition, the dress on her was clearly too big. The family stepped aside, skipping the mysterious guest as suddenly in front appeared still no less mysterious … a man, although Hitt a minute earlier I looked through the path and in the direction of ascent – it it was also empty right up to the top of the mountain. Mysterious man behaved very strange: at some point, he suddenly started hard limp, although at first it was easy and even graceful.

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Intuition, recalls Hitt, told me what I needed run away from here as soon as possible and at the same time somewhere inside consciousness was certain that escape will not succeed. Yes, and numbness found some …

Hitt family simply did not fit the requirements of the “hunters”

Meanwhile, a strangely dressed woman caught up with a man and they talked about something among themselves, after which the mysterious lady turns and gestures for Hitt and his family to walk further, it is possible that she even said “go, go”, but American is not sure about this.

In any case, he picked up his son in his arms, and he and his wife ran down the path to the car. In this creepy woman and man about They talked loudly with something, almost argued, but in what language – it was not clear. But Hitt was sure that the argument was about them, it was at these moments that their fate was decided.

A photo from open sources

When the family went down to the car, there was already nobody on the hill, where the fantastic couple went is unknown. Already sitting in the car, Hitt and his wife calmed down somewhat, when suddenly from the side the driver approaches the car (coming from nowhere) guy and says weird words so that Americans don’t mean anything worried and drove carefully …

B.Hitt is still certain that all four of them are not people. AND a boy and a woman with a man just hunted them, but family Hitt didn’t satisfy them with something, perhaps with their genes, energy or something else. And so there was a guy who practically made it clear that they are free and can return home. But how many like Hitt that fit the bill these “nonhumans”, and therefore simply went missing – and they reason no one could then find. Yes, and how can you find a person, who steal mysterious personalities clearly from parallel peace? ..

Waterfalls USA Time

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