Lucifer’s Hammer – Super Volcano

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Volcanologists count on Earth more than 1,000 active volcanoes. Everyone knows Etna, Vesuvius, Krakatau. But few people know that besides them there are still supervolcanoes. Eruption at least one of them will be a disaster on a planetary scale. In fact each of them is the hammer of the evil Lucifer, whom he can destroy life on earth.

Sleeping demon

In the usual view, a volcano is a mountain from which smoke is constantly coming. A supervolcano is not a mountain, but a hollow. In depth The earth beneath it is a cavity filled with boiling magma. Not having fulcrum, the crust covering the cavity is slowly sags, forming the so-called caldera – oval groove in several tens of kilometers. across. A man sees a beautiful valley in the center of which is a lake. He does not suspect what hot passions boil in the depths.

Some of the supervolcanoes sleep peacefully, some are stormy volcanic life, spewing geysers fountains of steam and smoke (Kamchatka, Iceland). So can last tens and hundreds of thousands years, until one day a terrible eruption shakes the Earth. The last our planet survived such a catastrophe 75,000 years ago.

“End of the World” was already

Then the Toba super-volcano exploded on about. Sumatra. The roar of an explosion spread over thousands of miles. A pillar burst from the Earth at a speed of 400 km / h incandescent gases and ash, rising up to 50km and reaching stratosphere. A 100x30km funnel formed at the site of the explosion. On the area of ​​20.000 sq. km. all living things perished. Supervolcano threw in air about 3 billion tons of sulfur dioxide and as a result – in for 6 years after that, on the Earth there were sulphurous rains that killed vegetation. South Asia was covered with a layer of ash at 15cm, India covered a 6-meter layer, Malaysia – 9-meter.

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Clouds of ash covered the sun, the average temperature decreased by 15 degrees, “volcanic winter” began on Earth. Out of every 6 living creatures that inhabited the planet before the explosion, five died. By According to anthropologists, less than 10,000 people survived the disaster. Humanity was on the verge of extinction. Scientists consider it the largest eruption in the last 25 million. years. But who says what can this not be repeated?

How many are they and where are they

Today, scientists count on the Earth about 20 super volcanoes. The largest of them are Toba (Sumatra), Long Valley (California), Tuapo (New Zealand), and Yellowstone (Wyoming, USA). There are supervolcanoes in Kamchatka, in Italy, in the Aegean Sea, in Peru, under Central America, the Philippines, Indonesia and Japan.

The vast majority of them do not give themselves away. But don’t flatter yourself: no one can predict their behavior. Wake up maybe any of them, and awakening it will be scary. Particular concern volcanologists is stepped up in the last time the Yellowstone Super Volcano is the BIGGEST OF ALL.

Gunpowder barrel under the USA

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Only in the 70s of the XX century, thanks to images from space, scientists learned that more than half of Yellowstone National Park occupies a giant caldera (72x55km) of a supervolcano. At a depth 8.000m there is a cavity filled with boiling (800 degrees) magma, the upper point of which is gradually rising. Now the magma bubble is covered with an earthen lid, the thickness of which is less 3km

Previously, the Yellowstone volcano erupted more than once: 2 million, 1.3 million, 630 thousand years ago. Even without a calculator, you can see that eruptions occurred with a frequency of about 650 thousand years and the next period calm comes to an end.

As it will be?

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A giant explosion will shake the entire planet. Cities of North America destroy the strongest earthquake. To the west and east the coast of the continent will collapse provoked by an earthquake the strongest tsunamis. In Yellowstone, a 65x55km funnel is formed, from which will fly into the air column containing thousands of cubic kilometers. magmas. Most of North America will be covered with a thick layer of ash. from 30cm. up to 1 mm. as you move away from the epicenter.

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Within a radius of 1200km. the earth will turn into a scorched dead desert. The release will burn a hole in the ozone layer, which will entail an increase radiation background. Subsequently, the entire United States and most Canada will become “Chernobyl reserves”. Earth temperature will fall by 20-25 degrees.

Yellowstone giant wakes up other super volcanoes, wave earthquakes and tsunamis will sweep across the planet. In the first months, 1/3 of the population will die. 4 years later when it ends “volcanic winter” and through the clouds the first rays of the sun break through Only 1 out of 1,000 people who have met disaster.

A photo from open sources

When will this happen?

The saddest predictions portend us a catastrophe over the next 10 years. Optimistic calculations postpone the date apocalypse for 5,000 – 10,000 years. For the universe, it’s not even a moment, but for us it’s almost an eternity. Let’s hope that neither we neither our children nor grandchildren will see the end of the world, and distant descendants will find a way to calm the supervolcano or save on others the planets.

In the meantime, newspapers write that herds of deer and bison leave en masse Yellowstone National Park.

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