Luck or a good guardian angel?

Luck or a good guardian angel?Photos from open sources of

On the Internet, a video is gaining popularity on which captured an incredible moment like a certain man – Mr. Smith hits a bus, after which the victim as if nothing had happened gets up and goes to the pub, where, apparently, he went in the morning early last Saturday.

Incredible luck or still the work of the Guardian Angel? IN On the Internet you can watch a lot of videos on this topic, which confirm that a person’s luck seems only from the first glance, in fact, in the accident of these “lucky” something saves another (someone else). For example, even the moment when a car passes by a child, and after that he gets up and runs to himself further…

Not to mention some really fantastic moments, when the “victim” literally teleports from the scene of the accident. But more often than not people just by some miracle avoid a death blow cars. And while in the world millions of people fall out of the blue, for example, stumbling, breaking hips and collarbones while remaining after such a “small incident” by the disabled. I want to to exclaim with the words of Woland from the novel “The Master and Margarita”, is it really a man escapes in a terrible accident himself, and he condemns himself to torment, tripping almost out of the blue? Isn’t it wiser to assume that some Higher powers are behind all this? ..

Little else we know about this world, practically – nothing …


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