Luminous Pillars on Frosty February

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“Winter is not angry for nothing, its time has passed,” Fedor once wrote Tyutchev, apparently observing, like the Russians of the middle zone today, a sharp cooling in anticipation of spring. And “winter is angry,” as Russians write on the Internet, for real. Moreover, such cold weather was not seen here. But not only frosts of 30 degrees and more marked the last days in the European part of Russia, people are faced with something unusual.

For example, residents of the Vyazniki district center of the Vladimir region for the first time observed such a rare natural phenomenon as “luminous pillars”, which are very similar either to the northern lights, or even to mysticism. Especially if in your area such there was never a “light presentation”.

Vyaznikov resident Maxim Sukhov photographed this unique to Vladimir region phenomenon at 5 am on February 25, when accidentally went out into the street at such an early age and was amazed at what he saw. Here what he says:

The first impression is the northern lights. However, where does it come from? in Vyazniki, that is, in the middle zone of Russia? Therefore I immediately captured this phenomenon in the photo, and then found on the Internet information that this natural phenomenon is called “light pillars “, and it is formed due to flat ice crystals, which accumulate in the upper atmosphere and reflect light the sun. However, for our region it’s the same – the present miracle!

Such a phenomenon of nature, in itself unusual and very beautiful, also called the “light forest”, in today’s frosty February this the “mysterious forest” was also observed by residents of St. Petersburg and many other northern cities of Russia, however, to meet this beauty in Vyazniki … One must assume that Maxim was just very lucky. Surely, someone from Vyaznikov and besides him watched this frosty miracle, but Sukhov managed to capture it in the photo, and then share it with Vyaznikov residents their prey, laying out a unique picture with luminous pillars on the city portal.

And in your area this is not observed now? ..

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