Lunatics confuse scientists

Lunatics confound scientistsPhotos from open sources of

For most people, sleep is a nature-given time for rest of the body and mind. After sleep, we feel full of strength, awake. But there are people for whom every date with Morpheus, alas, can end in the most unpredictable way: the birth of a work art, crime and even death.

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Creating a painting

Briton Lee Hadwin from childhood was a sleepwalker. In age four years old he began to draw in a dream, however, before Lee became as a teenager, his drawings were not very intricate.

The boy said that in a dream he seemed to fall into some “strange place”, where the mystery of creativity takes place. Interesting, that, while awake, Lee showed no interest in drawing and art in general. What he did in a dream, boy didn’t even remember.

For a long time, Lee Hadwin worked as a nurse, and in his spare time played in a local music group. He said that music was for him much more interesting than drawing. The man admitted that he simply didn’t can explain where drawing came from in his life. As if in other abilities of his brain are awakening in a dream. By the way Lee Hadwin’s drawings today are estimated at several million dollars and they are ready to buy many wealthy people.

The crime

Every year dozens of tragedies occur in the world due to sleepwalking. Here is one of the most amazing.

May 23, 1987, in the morning, Canadian Kenneth Parks, without waking up, got out of bed. In the same state, he got into his car and made a 14-mile journey to the house of his father-in-law and mother-in-law. Breaking into the house, the man began to strangle his father-in-law, and he lost consciousness.

Then Parks tried to stab his mother-in-law with a kitchen knife, and when failed, inflicted a fatal blow to the woman with the tire bar. It’s amazing that after that, still being able sleep, a bloodied killer went to the police. Tendons on his hands were cut by a kitchen knife, while pain he felt.

The court ruled that Kenneth Parks committed his crimes in a fit of sleepwalking and acquitted him.

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Sexomnia is a mental disorder in which people have sex in a dream. Scientists have registered a lot cases of sexnia. Research results say approximately 8% patients suffering from sleep disorders are victims of sexomy (this about 1.5% of the world’s population).

These disorders are most often affected by men. Like sleepwalkers do not remember what they did in a dream. Regular framework that peculiar to sexual behavior during wakefulness, in a dream in these people do not work. They become completely liberated and sometimes can give their partners much more pleasure than with ordinary sex.

Manifestations of sexomnia are moans, affection, sexual intercourse. It happens that a person suffering from a similar disorder causes pain to a resistance partner. In addition, the partner the question may well arise: whom does a person see at this time, making love in a dream? ..

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Sleeping and awake at the same time

Sleepwalkers are also found among drivers. Moreover, such people easy to operate the machine, even cases where dormants are known drivers stopped and went “shopping” in supermarket, then continued to move.

Once at a crossroads a car stopped, creating an emergency the situation. Despite the fact that the street was 8 degrees below zero, the driver of the incident (who turned out to be a nurse local hospital) from clothes was only a thin nightgown. Getting out of the car, a woman urinated at the crossroads at everyone on eyes. And with the policeman who approached her, she got into a fight. As it turned out, the woman was sleeping at that time.

It is also known that lunatics quietly walk along the ledges of high-altitude houses like cats, and they not only don’t feel fear of tall, which is understandable, but still somehow fantastic never fall even in places where it’s real man is impossible, as if losing gravity. And here it is it’s harder to explain …

Drivers Time

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