Magnet Man claims that he is not a charlatan

A man from Germany claims to use supernatural abilities for manipulating metal, like the supervillain from the X-Men movies. Miroslav Magola says his abilities are so strong that metal objects are held on his body even during hops. Unusual German insists that he does tricks thanks to the special psychic energy by which his mind acts on matter and connects the body with objects. The man insists that he does not use glue or something like that. Magnet Man claims that he is not a charlatanPhoto from open sources “I found out that I can manipulate inanimate objects in the early 90s. Since then I spent years improving technology and exploring human magnetism. I can defy gravity because I load myself with energy. I determined to develop his unique abilities further “, – Magola, 55, said in an interview. The man also added that in currently working with telepathy. In a series of comics and films X-Men Magneto, played by Sir Ian McKellen, is capable of manipulate electromagnetic fields, which means that he can stop bullets and make huge metal fly items such as submarines and tanks. Photos from open sources Magola has not yet reached a similar level mastery and it is often called a quack. However man denies all fraud allegations, stating that superpowers can potentially develop anyone. One of the main Magola’s goals – a prize of $ 1,000,000, remaining unclaimed in for five decades. The reward will be given to those who can prove that has supernatural powers. The prize was established the famous magician and skeptic James Randy in 1964 for those who can prove the existence of telepathy, psionics, dowsing and other supernatural abilities. Magola striving debunk the myths surrounding human magnetism, intends make an attempt to get a million in the near future. Photos from open sources Photos from open sources Photos from open sources Photos from open sources Photos from open sources


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