Magnet Woman from Ukraine

Woman Magnet from UkraineA photo from open sources, 77-year-old Valentina Mikhaylishina discovered a phenomenal gift in herself by accident. To her everything sticks to the body: metal and plastic objects, paper and even glass. And they hold on as if someone smeared superglue! A woman can easily hold a table set on her palms and chest spoons and forks, iron, book, glass of water … … On the table in front us – a plastic first-aid kit. Ms. Mikhaylishina touches her palm – and the next instant lifts into the air. It is, so to speak, prelude to the show. Next exercise with a thick book of pages on three hundred – she holds on to her palm, turned vertically. Tear off impossible. “I must mentally order myself, and then the subject it’s easy to fall behind, ”the magnet woman explains. I discovered this she is a talent … in a trolley bus. “Once I returned home from work. There are so many passengers in the cabin that the apple has nowhere to fall – the conductor does not may push through. Therefore, asks to transfer money to tickets. I take coins out of my wallet and hold them out in my palm, ”recalls female. “And what would you think,” the conductor is trying to take, not maybe: money stuck! I was indignant, I thought that I was joking. I don’t even understood what happened. I arrived home, I go into the kitchen to to drink tea, accidentally touched the ladle with his palm, and he stuck. I take a fork, a spoon – the effect is the same. What did I feel at that moment? Fright. I thought it was some kind of pathology, a health problem. But, thank God, everything is in order. For thirty years as a nurse, I “I have never been on sick leave so far I don’t know the taste of the pills.” Valentina Mikhaylishina does not understand why an unusual gift to attract objects suddenly manifested in her body. Repeatedly addressed to to doctors. Thought they would explain. And they only wondered and bred hands. “That’s how I live with my talent,” he says. grandchildren, acquaintances or guests. “- And what is the maximum weight you can keep on your body? “- I am interested in the mistress. – Four a kilogram, not more, – answers. – Of course, not a record indicator, but this is enough to surprise the audience. Helps this gift to me in life. Now I am “magnetized” palms easily relieve pain. Without contact – I’ll just lead over my head, and that’s all passes by.

And once, Valentine, with the help of her gift, saved the life of a patient. He came for examination after surgery – the appendix was removed to the man. The wound has already begun to heal. “It would seem that everything is fine,” recalls nurse. “But I suddenly felt warm in my palm, and in fingers spiked. I was surprised, confused. No patient the words. More likely to the doctor. So, they say, and so: obviously, during the operation forgot something in the abdominal cavity! And he looks at me as at crazy and doesn’t believe. She persuaded for a long time and, as it turned out subsequently, in vain: surgeons accidentally left in a wound a napkin measuring 24 by 24 centimeters. After repeated operation the patient came to me with a bouquet of flowers. “At the end of the conversation, the mistress decides to surprise guests with a trick with glass. Its size is meter per meter. It touches the palm of your hand and easily lifts it to the height of the chest – vertically. “And what do you feel during such exercises, I ask magnet women. “Nothing, she smiles. – Only fatigue if heavy item. ”

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