“Magnetic” grandmother and her grandson

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In Kazakhstan, in the city of Kostanay, a woman was discovered who possesses paranormal abilities – she knows how to attract to metal objects, such as spoons, forks, knives, and etc.

This is a seventy-year-old pensioner Nadezhda Sakharova. In spite of that her abilities were made public just now, Hope herself has known about them for ten years now. To that distant already for her time, she somehow watched a program about people-magnets and decided to try, and if she won’t succeed in attracting her like that various iron objects.

To her surprise, it turned out, forks, spoons adhered to her body quite easy, however, for this I had to train. Their the woman’s mostly demonstrated new abilities to her colleagues neighbors, relatives, but I can’t turn to television I decided.

Today, Hope can magnetize any metal objects of a certain severity. For example, I tried even a heavy hammer, but it still holds rather poorly, though, as assures a woman, it only requires training – and the hammer will be to hang, like a knife with a spoon.

Nadezhda is growing up a grandson, who, as it turned out, adopted paranormal abilities of his grandmother. It can also attract metal objects to your body, although it’s not so successful yet, like a grandmother. As Nadezhda assures, it’s all about training, any ability in man is only a deposit, you need to attach to it efforts in the form of daily exercises. This is how a pensioner in her time strengthened its magnetic abilities. And here is the result – even a heavy hammer sticks to it today.

Scientists can not yet explain this phenomenon, but Hope herself says that such a gift is transmitted genetically, possessed by her late sister. Now here’s the grandson too.

Despite the growing popularity in Kostanay of “magnetic Sugar “until their unique ability brings them any income. True, the grandmother is confident that her grandson will be more practical and will be able to benefit from his gift for himself and his families. For her, it’s just an opportunity to occasionally entertain near and dear ones.


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