Malaysian illusionist broke her own record for speed changing

The Malaysian illusionist broke her own high-speed dressing recordA photo from open sources

Sylvia Lim from Malaysia is considered unsurpassed in the world an illusionist who demonstrates a unique number that strikes the imagination of each viewer – she changes clothes on stage with such fantastic speed that it seems like a real miracle. Naturally, the very moment of dressing is hidden from the viewer, he sees Sylvia Lim only in the updated outfit, which she changes every 2 seconds

Something like that, given her new record – 16 dressing for half a minute. Helps her with this (watch the video) assistant Avery Chin, who closes Sylvia from the viewer special round screen at the time when she changes her stage costume. How she succeeds, no one knows, and how is it even possible?

But the fact is the fact, this is every trick – to surprise viewer, because he does not know the secret of this theatrical staging. Or maybe all magicians are sorcerers? ..

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