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Etienne Bottino (1739-1813), French official on the island Ile de France, for 15 years in 3-4 days predicted arrival in harbor of port louis ships. To the questions of how he succeeds, he answered: “I see them.” Inexplicably, he saw vessels in from him at a distance of 400-600 miles! In this case, no farsightedness he did not differ, no optical devices used and claimed that he could teach this simple trick any. Photos from open sources

Etienne Bottino was born in 1739 in the town of Chantoso near Anjou (France). Shining mathematical maths revealed by him abilities helped him enter the prestigious Polytechnic school in Nantes and graduate with honors. Newly made engineer offered his services to the naval forces of France, received officer patent and was sent to Brest, in the naval arsenal. Here, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, he came to the head the idea that ships sailing cause changes in atmosphere. If you learn to recognize these changes, about the approach the ship can be recognized long before it appears in limits of visibility. Cloudy Atlantic with its bad weather was inappropriate place for experimentation. Etienne Bottino filed a report on transfer to the colonies, to the island of Ile de France (modern Mauritius), there, where the sun constantly shines. The authorities marveled at the desire of the young officers to change European Brest to an island off the East coast Africa, but granted. In 1763, officer Etienne Bottino arrived in Ile de France, in the capital of the island, the city of Port Louis. Unlike from other officers who were spending their free time in the port tavern, every evening he hurried to the seashore and peered for hours at sea ​​distance. Initially, the accuracy of his forecasts did not exceed 50%, which made him discouraged. But one day he got into a conversation with the captain of the ship calling at the port and found out that the ship was supposed to walk past the island, and only emergency circumstances forced captain change course. Bottino understood: he was not mistaken, just the ships that he “saw” were not going to enter the island. Etienne “lowered the bar” and began to track only vessels in already in close proximity to the island. Positive percentage the foresight went up sharply. After 6 months, Bottino is open declared his amazing gift. Photos from open sources

His statement caused distrust and stinging ridicule. Then Etienne offered to bet. Sleepy Port Louis Rejoiced at New entertainment and joined the organized by Bottino “tote”. The stakes were rising, more and more new participants were involved in the lottery. faces. Etienne sheared coupons. He predicted arrival in 3-4 days port of ships, their number, class and even state affiliation. Port Louis talked about the port clairvoyant official. Having such an “advertising campaign”, Etienne went to the governor of the island of Le Brillin.

A photo Governor sent “outrage” from open sources peace ”on Madagascar which is even in the provincial Port Louis was considered a “hole”. Bottino pulled out of the link the new governor de Suyak. Soon, a letter from Governor, in which he described extraordinary abilities his subordinate. An answer came indicating that everyone should keep records Bottino’s predictions. Predicting the arrival of 575 from 1778 to 1782 ships, Etienne suggested de Souillac to buy his secret for 100,000 livres plus an annual pension of 1,200 livres. It was a lot of money. De Souillac recommended contacting Paris. In 1782, Etienne left the duty station and boarded the ship going to France. He carried with him a letter of recommendation from the governor and favorable Port Louis Chief Engineering Officer, Attorney General and Admiral Soufren. All of them confirmed accuracy in writing. Bottino forecasts. Etienne entertained passengers on the way, 27 times predicting the appearance of oncoming vessels and three times – the earth. In July 1782 Etienne arrived in Paris. Audience with the Minister of the Sea, on which Etienne had high hopes did not materialize. France stood on the verge of great upheavals, a revolution which later called Great French, already knocking on all doors, unique the port officer’s abilities were of no interest to anyone. In press articles appeared where he was called a swindler and a charlatan. Even maritime power England was skeptical of Bottino’s proposal. Frustrated, having achieved nothing, Bottino returned in 1783 in port louis. In 1813, May 17, at the age of 74, Etienne Bottino has died. In his dying notes, he bitterly wrote that the world was not ready to accept his discovery, which will go away with him to the grave. Scientists are still arguing about the secret. Bottino. He himself wrote that the basis of the art of “nauscopia” (marine vision) is observing the atmosphere, where you can find signs, evidencing the movement of ships at sea. Only needed clear skies and certain skills. There is still a hypothesis according to which Etienne was one of those who had access (freely or involuntarily) into the global information field, where everything is stored information about everything that was, is and will be. And the links of Etienne himself atmospheric phenomena – only prudent precaution to avoid accusations of dealing with evil spirits with all the ensuing consequences.

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