Man-made “sounds from nowhere”, the nature of which remains a mystery to scientists

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The phenomenon of mysterious sounds, the source of which is impossible determine attracted public attention after in 1903 Nature magazine published an article by a British naturalist T.B.Smita.

While in India, Smith walked along the banks of the Ganges. It was quiet sunny weather. Suddenly, there was a roar from somewhere artillery volleys. However, in these places there could be no artillery, residents of nearby villages and gunshot weapons were rare. As soon as Smith entered the village of Berisal, how rumbled very close. All villagers in a fright jumped out of the houses. The naturalist was heading in that direction where the terrible rumble was heard, but there was only wild the terrain. A little while later, the same sounds began to sound on the other hand.

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Perplexed Smith turned to the authorities for clarification, however the local authorities only shrugged. The scientist later wrote in article that sounds alternately approaching and retreating were heard first left, then right. It’s just impossible drag artillery pieces.

Smith’s publication aroused great interest. Have appeared testimonies of people who also heard “sounds from nowhere.”

At the beginning of the last century, a phenomenon called “Berisal sounds,” interested a young Belgian physicist Ernest van den Brook The scientist believed that this is the result atmospheric electrical discharges. Brooke came to places where this phenomenon manifested itself, studied philosophical and scientific works on natural phenomena. He found out, in particular, about the mysterious sounds were already written by medieval authors …

New “sounds from nowhere”

Subsequently, a whole a number of new ones. So, for ten years (1920-1930) living in outskirts of New York, people even got used to appearing periodically sounds. They called this rumble “lake guns.” Seneca. “Those who heard him claimed to understand where they were shooting from. “guns”, it was impossible …

In the US state of Connecticut, near the city East Haddam, the sounds of invisible explosions were so strong that many took them for the harbingers of the earthquake …

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More than once the “Berisal sounds” were fixed over the ocean. So in 1980 the crew of the corvette “San Marino” on a clear day heard a strange cannonade over the Atlantic in the North Tropic. By order captain D. Vergani corvette deviated from the course. Adjoining the water area was thoroughly examined, but the source of the mysterious no sounds were found.

In 1922 Nizhny Novgorod newspaper wrote that residents of the suburbs heard at all something similar to the roar of many machines giant plant. And where is this from? ..

And the roar and the glow

Inexplicable sounds are sometimes accompanied by lighting effects. So, in 1974. in the Brewine mountains in Wales (UK), on cloudless evening sky eyewitnesses observed a large green-blue strip, after which silence was broken by terrible peals of thunder, from which laid ears. The police decided that uphill with a roar a meteorite crashed, and went to the alleged epicenter catastrophe, but found nothing unusual there. Later in these several expeditions visited the same destination, but also to no avail.

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And on August 6, 1976 amazing phenomenon repeated again. Light emission, lasting several minutes, saw almost the entire Wales, and the rumble of people heard within a radius of ten miles. At the epicenter as witnesses of this phenomenon said, it was so powerful that the earth shook, as in a strong tremor. No thunder, no earthquakes in the Beroine mountains at this time were recorded It was…

Mythical shelling

An interesting case occurred in 1971. with the indian military by plane. It happened in the Ganges valley, that is, where once “Berisal sounds” heard the naturalist Smith. Walkie-talkie pilot He said that he saw in the sky an incomprehensible pink glow. From the earth to him ordered to try to determine the cause of the glow, carefully approaching him. A few minutes later, the alarmed pilot reported that his plane was fired from the ground and he distinctly distinguishes anti-aircraft volleys. Negotiating dispatcher also heard extraneous sounds in the speakers.

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Communication suddenly broke, after which the plane began to lose sharply height. The pilot did not have time to eject, and the winged car crashed into the ground. Examination of the wreckage of an airplane of signs the shelling did not reveal, and there couldn’t be any in the area anti-aircraft installations. The plane crash remains an unsolvable mystery still.

Ringing chains from the ground

As information accumulated, they began to come to light. individual features of the phenomenon. It turns out “sounds out of nowhere” can occur both in the lower and upper atmospheric layers. TO for example, people talked about the rumble that rang out with cloudless sky above their heads, or, conversely, when the sky covered a dense layer of clouds. At the same time, the rumble did not look like thunders familiar to us.

“Berisal sounds” also come from underground, accompanied by sometimes by vibration of the soil. No wonder people feel at the same time fear and even panic. However wherever these sounds, all eyewitnesses speak of their pronounced “technogenic” character that is strikingly different from all known to us natural noise.

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For example, not far from Kharkov from the underground regularly blows are heard. They are repeated through equal, in a few seconds, time intervals, and from this it seems that it hits the anvil huge hammer. In Altai there is also a place where underground clanking sounds, as if from a giant rock crushing machine. At this clang joins the clang of dragging chains.

Crazy night sounds

The intensity of the “Berisal sounds” is different. Besides rumble, reminiscent of bombings, artillery fire, crackle fireworks or hammer blows, there are other varieties of “sounds out of nowhere “, namely quiet, long and humming. These last differ in a strange peculiarity: they are often not heard by everyone who is in range. So, in January 1992. similar buzzers sounds at night began to wake miners Hewittown town (Alabama, USA). At the same time, 10 percent of the population they were not heard.

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These sounds were not so loud as annoying. At the people who heard them began to have a headache and nausea appeared. Often there were even nervous disorders. For this reason the public began to demand that the authorities find and eliminate source of “sound adversity”. However, it was difficult to do this, because it was impossible to understand where the sounds came from. Specialists built various guesses about their source, as well as the reasons occurrence. Man-made versions gradually disappeared, since all industrial enterprises but did not work at night, there were few on the roads transport. There was a version that the rumble comes from the depths of coal mines, there were a lot of them both in Hewittown and in the vicinity of the town. But this hypothesis had to be rejected after a series of careful checks. Finally in 1993 annoying night sounds unexpectedly stopped, which was very pleased both the researchers themselves and the local residents. As they say, the problem has disappeared, the mystery remains …

Where is the source of man-made “sounds from nowhere”

Residents of certain areas of Western Europe. So, in the English county of Gloucestershire, where thousands of people heard strange buzzing sounds and experienced the ailments mentioned above, suspicion fell on electronic communications of the local military complex. However, this version does not confirmed after a rigorous check. In addition, the center worked for many years and never caused trouble to others. Gloucestershire noise ceased just as suddenly as Alabama leaving many questions unanswered …

So what exactly are the “Berisal sounds “? Why are they heard only in certain places? Why not Can you accurately determine their epicenter? Why do they start and stop so suddenly? Currently all materialistic versions on this account are debunked, the rest is not science considered (however, they are quite confusing and unintelligible) …

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And the mysterious sounds meanwhile continue to be heard throughout our planet, and today most often they are heard from the sky, frightening people are now a little different, for example, the approximation of armada of alien ships or the mysterious planet Nibiru, the consequences of climate weapons, failures in the matrix and others forerunners of the Apocalypse. As you can see, something in our the idea of ​​the nature of mysterious sounds has changed even with last century, not to mention earlier times, but left the main thing: no one really knows what it is …

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