“Man with a tail” from India began to worship how to god

"Man with a tail" from India began to worship how to godA photo Open Source 35-year-old Oraon from India has fans increases every day. He has a 14-inch tail from backs and it makes them think that he is a living God. At Chandre Oraon had its tail from birth and some Indians believe that this is a sign that it is a monkey God known as Hanuman. Oraon collects leaves and forced to climb trees like a monkey. From all corners countries pilgrims come to him, touch his tail and receive a blessing. When he was a kid, Oraon was bullied but now he is famous. However, his wife said she did not like his tail. “He doesn’t look very good,” his wife said. “My parents died, and I had no choice but to marry to marry him, ”she added.


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