Mandela Effect, or Memories from Parallel realities

The Mandela Effect, or Memories from Parallel RealityA photo from open sources

December 5, 2013 in the ninety-sixth year passed away the first black president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. And literally that same day internet search engines received millions of requests about not whether this information is false. A huge number of people were convinced that an outstanding African died in the sixties and seventies years of the last century in prison.

As you know, Nelson Mandela led the armed struggle against the apartheid regime and was arrested in 1962, after which really spent in prison twenty-seven years. It is being in dungeons, this human rights activist has gained worldwide fame. However, in 1989 he was released with honors, and in May 1994 years became president of South Africa and led the country for five years. Why didn’t so many people in different parts of the world have this no idea and believed that Mandela passed away without ever leaving to freedom?

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This phenomenon has attracted the attention of participants in the American multi-genre congress “Dragon Con”, held annually in Atlanta They carefully studied this issue and concluded that a rational explanation of what happened cannot be given. Moreover, it turned out that there are a number of other facts that are in memory many people were put off in a distorted form. Then enthusiasts and the term “Mandela effect” was introduced. Member of the congress Fiona Broome began to popularize it and collect information about others events that are somehow postponed in human memory wrong.

False memories in large groups of people

Thus, the Mandela effect is a phenomenon under which it implies the emergence of a large group of people memories, contrary to the real situation. Remarkable that false memories do not concern any hard-to-verify, but well-known events: historical, astronomical, geographical, and so on.

In other words, it’s easy to verify such information, especially now that everyone has the Internet. However faced with this phenomenon, people come in some confusion and confusion. How so? They are wonderful remember that Mandela died behind bars! This was reported in “News,” they wrote in numerous newspapers, and on TV even showed the funeral of an African revolutionary! ..

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But no, in fact, no one wrote anything, did not report anywhere did not show. Would journalists around the world decide concoct such a duck at the same time? The question is, why? Enthusiasts long and hard searched for newspaper articles and television reports about the event, even if made by some provincial reporters who suddenly felt like this have some fun. However, there have never been such publications, therefore, people could not get this information from the media.

Inexplicable details of fake memories

Another strange feature of the Mandela effect is that that such memories are not just recorded false information in a person’s memory, and a whole system of sequential memories. We give an interesting example.

What color were the eyes of Adolf Hitler? Most people ready to swear karego. Moreover, many of them with they will tell you with confidence that they are well aware of this fact even with school times. Like, a history teacher specifically emphasized that the Fuhrer was brown-eyed and at the same time advocated for the Aryan racial purity, according to which the eyes of the “superman” should be sure to be blue.

Obviously, this could not be. All contemporaries of Hitler claimed that he had blue eyes, and liked to emphasize this fact, speaking of the election of the leader of the Third Reich. Below is suggested a fragment of a rare color photograph of the Fuhrer, which clearly his eyes are blue. Why so many people remember not only his brown eye color, but even ridicule about it Hitler? ..

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Holders of false memories often connect the incident itself with personal events, for example, “I was born on the same day son, “or” this was my last school year. “That is, a false the memory sits firmly in the memory of the individual and is associated with many other events, creating the illusion that it’s actually so it was. No wonder someone can prove with foam at the mouth you that the Americans landed on the moon only three times, however it is worth showing him an article from Wikipedia, which clearly indicates that there were six landings – and the man is seriously lost. He’s great remembers the news saying that NASA did its last, third, a flight to a satellite of the Earth. And there are a lot of such people.

Famous examples of the Mandela effect

There are many examples of false memories. Not it’s possible that you yourself will suddenly realize that for a long time something was wrong.

Many believe that the fortieth president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, died after the end of his reign, although he actually died in 2004 at the age of ninety-three years from pneumonia on Alzheimer’s disease.

Mother Teresa was counted as a saint only in September of this year, although many are convinced that the canonization of the legendary Catholic the nuns happened much earlier.

There are exactly fifty states in America, and it would seem simple: exactly half a hundred. However, quite a few people mistakenly believe that there are fifty one or fifty two.

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Below are the logos of three famous car brands in two options. Many people are ready to swear that the logos are on the right. wrong. Allegedly, “Ford” never had this squiggle at the letter “F”, the “Volvo” – arrows at the top, and the “Volkswagen” – separation between the letters “V” and “W”. Even the owners of such machines allow a similar error. Despite this, genuine logos are depicted it’s on the right, and on the left are their modified options, which for some reason many of us consider correct.

A photo from open sources

The writer Agatha Christie briefly disappeared in December 1926. The disappearance of the famous author of detectives caused a loud public resonance, and the police immediately began searching for a woman. Through eleven days unharmed Christie was found in distant English spa hotel. She returned home and continued to write her wonderful books. However, a significant number of people “remember” that the writer has completely disappeared forever.

If you think that in the Arctic Ocean there Arctic continent, then you, like many others, are mistaken. There there is only plentiful ice cover.

Non-existent books, films and various works of art – This is generally a separate conversation. For example, thousands of Russians “remember” how in the mid-eighties they showed on television a very gloomy film adaptation of the fairy tale “Dwarf Nose”. She is quite differed from other adaptations of the same tale of 1953, 1970 and 1978 years. In fact, such a movie never existed, and neither one copy of it was never found.

Among the numerous portraits of the English king Henry Eighth there is not one where the monarch would have in his hands a fried leg turkeys. However, a huge number of residents of Foggy Albion claims that he saw with his own eyes such a picture in museums, on exhibitions and the World Wide Web.

Probably everyone knows the American song “Only You”. Many people get a real shock when they find out that her in the fifties years did not sing “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley, but a black quintet “The Platters”. But many clearly “remember” how Presley performed “Only You” at his concerts, as this song was included in his official records. Needless to say, such records were never found, despite the frenzied popularity Elvis? ..

Russian examples of the Mandela effect

In Russia and the former Soviet Union, such examples are also are available.

Many of our compatriots from school “remember” that Alaska Catherine the Great sold to the Americans, although in reality it happened during the reign of Alexander the Second. Therefore Russian the empress is wrongly accused of this oversight.

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Everyone probably remembers the common phrase from the movie: “Boy, step away from the car. “However, for some reason, most are convinced that this replica sounded in the film “Watch out for the car.” In fact, she was pronounced in the movie “Secret to the whole world”, which many believe with difficulty.

Do you remember how Yeltsin before leaving the presidency said, “I’m tired, I’m leaving”? This saying also became winged, however, in reality, Boris Nikolaevich only said: “I’m leaving.” Why do many of us “remember” the words about his fatigue – a real mystery.

In the former USSR, everyone knows a poem that begins with words “I’m sitting behind bars in a dungeon damp.” Here are just some for some reason We are convinced that its creator is Mikhail Lermontov. Not less, the real author of this work is Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin.

Possible explanations for the Mandela effect

So, there are several of them, and one more fantastic:

  1. First, many researchers of the Mandela effect believe that this phenomenon is a consequence of the movement of people from some parallel worlds to others – the so-called quantum immortality, when a person, imperceptibly for himself, moves from one reality to another, neighboring. In the past reality, the world could be slightly different. For example, there Lermontov took over Pushkin’s poem, Agatha Christie really disappeared (perhaps also moved somewhere), and America grabbed a piece of Canada or Mexico, having acquired one or two new states. At of a man, certain memories of that reality remain where did he live before;
  2. Secondly, it is possible that someone created a time machine and went to the past, where something accidentally or intentionally changed. Then there is an unknown inventor could trigger the butterfly effect when even minor changes in the past (like insect killing) generate a chain of changes that significantly affect the future. So so some of us still have memories from that version of reality, where the events of the past and, as a result, This has not been changed;
  3. Thirdly, there is an opinion that we all live in a matrix – simulation of reality created by intelligent machines, people of the future or representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. In this simulation, sometimes failures, certain malfunctions. For example, in the same day you can meet in different parts of your city one and the same stranger. Or spot a car on the road which just disappears, dissolving in the air. Similar crashes may occur in our memory, entirely formed by a matrix, since the real world was never accessible to us, and we didn’t even know what it is.

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The Mandela effect is also studied by traditional science. So, in connection with this confabulation is often mentioned – a psychopathological phenomenon of false memory, when a person is fully convinced that some fictitious events actually happened. However, scientists are not in able to explain why such a false memory can sometimes observed in tens of millions of earthlings living in the most different parts of the world …

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