Many Britons spotted in the sky astounding phenomenon

A lot of Britons noticed a striking phenomenon in the skyA photo from open sources

A large number of inhabitants of the English county of Cornwall became witnesses of a startling phenomenon. Over british cities a mysterious object flies, looking something like a semi-visible dark sphere, either on a giant swarm of unknown insects, or on aircraft of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. Mysterious the anomaly was noticed on July 18 and 19 by numerous eyewitnesses, struck by such a fantastic heavenly phenomenon.

Strange unidentified flying object, constantly changing its shape seen over Fistral beach of Newquay resort, over A30 motorway, over the coast of the city of Cornish, above the cliff Rosh Rock, above the main street of the city of Truro, above the landscape gardening the massif of the city of Saint Austell, above the clay hills of the hamlet Karluddon, over the sea near Newquay and other places Misty Albion. An unusual phenomenon was observed by thousands of people. Of course, in our age of electronic technology, many witnesses do not Failed to fix the UFO in the video.

One of the first British to notice an amazing anomaly was surfer Kiefer Krishnan riding on a board near the beach Fistral. A man emerged from the water and suddenly noticed in the sky a huge cluster of black dots. Same monday local motorist Shane House saw an unidentified object over the A30 highway. “What is this ?! An alien ship?” – wrote the driver, laying out Online recording from your DVR.

Manager Harry Wilde examined the ruins of the castle Restormal near Lostwithiel, and the acclaimed UFO suddenly appeared over former fortress wall. The Briton immediately took out his mobile and filmed the appearance of an outlandish object in the video. When he published their video on the web, commentators began to wonder what is on records. Some users said it was a flock of migratory birds. Others suggested that it was all about insects – for example, about flies or bees (true, for insects too large). Third believe that this is some kind of futuristic weapon – maybe even a weapon aliens.

The videos depicting this UFO continue to appear in World Wide Web. No one can say for sure that it was for the object, where did he come from and where did he later go, but almost all eyewitnesses agree that this is a unique phenomenon, and he had never been seen here before. World ufologists and supernatural researchers are also at a loss: to reveal the nature of the anomaly to specialists, despite the huge the amount of UFO materials collected from them, until seems possible.


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