Many children remember their past lives.

Many children remember their past livesPhotos from open sources of

Over the past few decades, many studies on children’s memory of past lives. As a rule, children talked about quite ordinary people who lived unremarkable life. However, the set of details about which told little storytellers, allowed to identify many from personalities.

Almost all children remember their past lives.

Interestingly, such children are found everywhere. So, in 1960 Ian Stevenson (then head of the Department of Psychiatry University of Virginia) published an article describing forty Four memories of former incarnations. After that stevenson went to India for four weeks and received 25 confirmations there reincarnation. Around the same thing awaited him in Sri Lanka.

Surprisingly, Stevenson’s work did not cause universal hype though a magazine issued by american medical Association, said that the scientists impartially and diligently was studied a series of cases that cannot be explained otherwise than reincarnation. Karl Sagan was forced to admit about the same thing, an astronomer who was rather skeptical of research Stevenson.

Objects for study are mainly small children. Usually, babies begin to describe their past lives at the age of two to three years, and finish at about six. A break between the death of a person described by a child and the birth of himself is an average of 16 months.

At the moment, about two and a half have been investigated in the world. facts of reincarnation, while most of them took place in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Lebanon, Thailand and Burma, namely where people believe in reincarnation.

As for Western countries, here similar cases seem a rarity – but only because they are harder to detect. Not every the parent will be willing to share strange stories with anyone, which his child talks about his previous life.

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It can be said that almost all children remember past lives. But more often only two or four years old they forget about them, and those who remember much longer, most often for his “fantastic stories” ridiculed by parents, and therefore “try” as quickly as possible forget them.

Physical marks of past lives

However, past incarnations are reflected not only, so to speak, inside and out. Some babies carry birthmarks which coincide in shape with scars or wounds (usually deadly) that their past incarnations had. An example this may be a girl with insufficiently formed with your fingers. She remembered that in a previous life she was a man, which fingers chopped off.

The case of Shanai Shumalaivong from Thailand is also interesting. IN a three-year-old boy began to claim that before he was teacher and his name was Bois Kai. According to the child, he was shot, when he was riding a bicycle to school.

The boy begged his relatives to be taken to the village where they live. Bois Kai’s parents. Finally the grandmother agreed and set off with him on the bus to the village that Shanai called. Coming out of bus, the boy led his grandmother to the house where the old spouses. As the mother of Bois Kai said, her son was shot from behind: on there was a small round wound in the back of his head. On the forehead the killed wound was larger, uneven in shape. It is such a dear spots on the forehead and nape of a small Shanai.

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