Many Trees in North America Mysteriously bent in the same way

Many trees in North America are mysteriously bent in the same way.A photo from open sources

An amazing anomaly or even a real mystery, which, however, is known to few even among locals.

To an ordinary observer, hundreds or even thousands in a strange way curved trees scattered throughout the mainland seem random nature errors deformed due to disease. However, more thorough analysis and numerous comparisons allow determine that there is one undoubted regularity.

A photo from open sources

The trunks of mysterious trees have a rectangular bend, and each such kink is strictly parallel to the earth. Because of this, many experts suggest that these plants were specially bent by someone a long time ago for a specific purpose. By the opinion of other theorists, before us is the result of higher mind (possibly even an alien), a mystical anomaly, or simply inexplicable and localized natural phenomenon.

The riddle of “route trees”

Tilted, split, and otherwise deformed trees are found everywhere, however the so-called “route trees”, until still growing in North America are a real phenomenon. At a distance of about 1.2-1.5 meters above the ground, a tree trunk bends at an angle of 90 degrees, then straightens back, forming a kind of “knee”. Scientists report that this form can be achieved in a natural way, but not in our case.

A photo from open sources

The fact is that all the “route trees” are missing any scars at the places of the bends, however if the plants got “knees” on their own, scars certainly would attend. From this, people in official science conclude that trees were bent many centuries ago by man. Most popular theory says that in the pre-Colombian era Indians were engaged, who indicated in this way the direction forest paths. Hence the unusual name of such trees, supposedly directing people along certain routes.

Probably hunters and gatherers for many generations purposefully bent young trees, turning them into reliable Indices for Native American Tribes Outdoors. Such plants were clearly visible from afar, even against the background snow-covered landscape. To create one pointer for sure It took many years, but the result was durable. Even today, some deer and elk hunters are targeting off the beaten path through “route trees” using ancient Native American trails. It’s a pity that every year weird trees are getting smaller.

A photo from open sources

In the 1930s and 1940s, American geologist and writer Raymond Jansen has traveled 13 states, exploring “route trees.” Specialist concluded that the bends of their trunks are not a natural phenomenon, therefore, we are talking about cultural artifacts. However, even in the academic community of the United States is full of researchers who deny Indians involvement in plant bending. Wherein orthodoxy from science is not in a hurry to make any own hypotheses to voice.

The riddle of curved trees from different points of view

As mentioned above, some alternative researchers they say that aliens, abnormal zones, some are to blame supernatural phenomena and stuff like that. Finally not worth it forget that many people on Earth consider trees reasonable beings with will and consciousness. If it really is so, it is possible that these organisms themselves wished to accept such a strange shape, and for us will always remain a mystery, why.

A photo from open sources

Alas, “route trees” are periodically chopped down and cut down, and most often this is done to clear areas for new cities, roads and structures. Of course, these days no one is new curved trees does not create. In some localities, these plants receive protected status, and despite the fact that such an approach so far saves them from the axes of lumberjacks, illness and time slowly but steadily destroy this miracle: natural or man-made, each decides for himself …


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