Mareysky man – a geoglyph of modern of the world

Mareysky man - a geoglyph of the modern worldPhoto from open sources

It turns out that huge drawings in the area, which are visible only with bird’s eye view, created not only in antiquity, one of They have a completely modern origin. Discovered in 1998 year, by the time the experts determined a little later, He was only about eighteen years old.

This is the largest geoglyph in the world – the Mareysky man. It is called so in the city of Mare South Australia, near which it was discovered amazing 4.2 km long perimeter image pictures in 28 kilometers.

When creating it, experts say, a bulldozer was used. The earth is taken to a depth of 35 centimeters with an external line width contour of 30 centimeters. Technique for the creation of Mareysky man drove about four hundred kilometers. In this case, the figure is made very skillfully. Apparently, the author of the geoglyph was not only artist, but also possessed geodetic skills, as well as sharp eye sight. Most likely, it was originally “painted” on terrain contour of a person using a satellite program, and then the technician got down to business. By the way, all this was done in secrecy, why the geoglyph was discovered only through eighteen years old – quite by accident when he was noticed an airplane pilot flying over this area.

A photo from open sources

The first ground expeditions found an American near the geoglyph a flag and a note in English indicating that to this the sect of Davidova, whose center in Texas just at that time was attacked by the FBI. Hence the researchers Mareiskogo man concluded that the drawing was created by the Americans or one of the US citizens. Surprising but also by accident twenty years after the discovery of this geoglyph, it remains a mystery to researchers. And we still want to unravel the geoglyphs that are on the Nazca plateau in Peru, which at least one and a half thousands of years, or even more. Modern similar drawing – the secret behind seven seals …

Time Geoglyphs Peru

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