Margin drawings continue to remain for us a riddle

Drawings in the fields remain a mystery to us.A photo from open sources Periodically appearing then at one end light, then in another weird crop circles still give birth many myths, speculations and scientific assumptions. What are these messages other worlds or tricks of jokers?

The first mention of this mysterious phenomenon refers to far 1648. In the nineteenth century about these mythical drawings already have a lot of information, especially a lot of circles appear for some reason in England, for example, not far from the world famous Stonehenge – and this also gives rise to various fantastic theories.

Mysterious circles, as a rule, are “ill” crop areas cereals, and drawings are performed so masterly, not causing damage to crops that they are even compared to mysterious lines and drawings of Nazca, Peru, and now Egypt.

A photo from open sources

Note that in 1978, some Dave Chorley and Doug Bow demonstrated how you can create crop circles using certain primitive technique and art mastery. Therefore, since then, many believe that these circles are the result of an inexplicable common sense the artistic creativity of some people – either mischievous, or crazy.

A photo from open sources

A little later, companies like Circlemakers were found that officially began to create in the margins the drawings of the advertising plan for such famous brands as Pepsi, Nike, Greenpeace and so on, and owners of sown fields with considerable benefit for themselves – provide areas for such art advertising.

However, there are many such circles that appear either from mischief, whether actually using UFOs. For example, all of them more and more are watching in the UK and they are starting already be harmful to agriculture. Moreover, as they say themselves farmers, it’s not even about a ruined crop in a certain area, but in the invasion of “locusts”: correspondents, ufologists, tourists and just curious almost from around the world.

Surprisingly, no one has yet caught the authors of such art for hand, because mysterious circles are drawn without fail at night. AND therefore, it is not clear how in total darkness someone manages to create such unique drawings, without disturbing the security and even dogs guarding farmland. Not by chance, the alien origin of this phenomenon is still no one finally did not dispute and did not cancel …


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