Mariana Trench: facts are impressive

The Mariana Trench: The Facts are ImpressiveA photo from open sources

Despite the fact that the Mariana Trench (so named for the nearby Mariana Islands) has long been an object close attention and study, she is still a mystery for the family seals. And it’s clear why …

Its depth is almost eleven kilometers (the deepest place on our planet). If you compare it with the highest peak of Everest (8848 m), it’s clear that this terrible hollow will easily absorb and proud everest.

A photo from open sources

Naturally, the pressure at the bottom of the Mariana Trench is considerable, and it’s a thousand and a hundred times larger than on the surface of the sea. Not looking to depth and fantastic pressure, the water temperature is here relatively high – 1-4 degrees Celsius. But it is a merit hydrothermal springs, of which there are many.

What dwells in this terrible depth? Single cell that can reach ten centimeters (!), as well as huge and poisonous xenophiophores. Then there are the mollusks that are found near the hot sources.

A photo from open sources

Four stone bridges were discovered in the Mariana Trench, each of which are seventy kilometers long, at a depth of 414 meters the active Daikoku volcano “lives” here, but at the bottom of the trench – just viscous mucus: these are various remains and garbage turned into mucus by tremendous pressure of water.

Not many, but there were daredevils who plunged into this “damn abyss”, for example, director James Cameron – creator Avatar took such a risky journey in 2012.

A photo from open sources

The Mariana Trench, by the way, is not a strictly vertical pit in the sea bottom, in shape it resembles a crescent more likely two seconds long half a thousand kilometers and a width of seventy.

This mysterious place is considered a national monument of the United States and the largest marine reserve in the world.

We offer you to watch unique videos about this natural miracle Sveta.

Water Mariana Trench

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