Marking the Earth – who is the author?

Marking the Earth - who is the author?Photos from open sources

Flying over the endless and completely wild forest-tundra Yakutia, the pilots are surprised to see that all these huge and completely uninhabited forest areas are delineated by clearings (ideally straight lines of tens, or even hundreds of kilometers), which in aggregates, overlapping each other, break the surface edges to specific squares.

Fantastic layout of Yakutia

The question immediately arises: who did this? Neither in the USSR, nor now in Russia simply does not have the means to lay in the wild forest tundra these perfectly straight cuts. Moreover, this makes no sense. Really, why? Moreover, these clearings are held so perfectly even, as if for their organizer there were no barriers, for example, in the form of elevation, the presence of swamps and bogs in forest-tundra of Yakutia, where modern technology simply will not work.

A photo from open sources

Moreover, such markup needs to be done almost overnight and then at the same time throughout this vast territory maintain her condition, otherwise she will grow up. In fact, there is nobody here, and never was, and the local population is wonderful knows that these glades have existed from time immemorial and do not grow on them trees. They don’t grow – and that’s it! Then who was able to mark so wild and impassable territory?

Is it possible to observe such markup only in Yakutia?

However, if we consider this anomaly more broadly, we can find similar markup across our planet (or residual traces of it). It’s just that Yakutia turned out to be a place where a foot has not stepped for a long time man, and therefore nothing has changed here for many centuries (and maybe millennia).

A photo from open sources

By the way, in a civilized world, these fantastic rides often used for laying ground communications (the famous freeways and railways of Australia, United States). It was very convenient, since there was no need to carry out geodetic surveys and works – someone has already done this for a long time road builders. They had only this ready markup put the embankment, and on top – a railway bed or concrete.

However, civilization, taking advantage of this gift from above, almost erased all the markings of the Earth. And it is clearly visible now here unless in wild Yakutia. Please note that these cut lines here are drawn in two directions: some go strictly from south to north, while others overlap at an angle of forty five degrees. It turns out a kind of triangulation network, with the help of which modern man maps the terrain. Who and why did it all over the Earth, and so that this network is not overgrown with vegetation? ..

A photo from open sources

It can be assumed that this was done by the Gods (aliens), residents of Hyperborea or Atlantis. Or maybe the Earth itself “draws” on this fantastic grid, the purpose of which is simple for us not given to understand? Not yet given …

Russia Yakutia

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