Marseille hole in time

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In 1951, Bernadette Laurel opened the world to the “Marseille hole” – geographical point in one of the suburban parks of Marseille, where there was a kind of “temporary portal”. Dozens of researchers rushed to study this phenomenon. The farthest in my research the young assistant of the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry advanced University of Marseille Paul Deschamps / First he like other seekers of the “Marseille hole”, he walked around the park for hours, hoping how Bernadette would go through the “gates of time.” Points he didn’t find a transition, but in the process of hours-long walks, reflecting on an unusual phenomenon, Paul came to a very interesting conclusions. Bernadette made time travel in the 18th century and came back. Consequently, the portal was open in both directions. And if so, then people from the past could also go through it and to be in the 20th century. Where could these traces leave time travelers? Imagine a man from XVIII century, shifted 200 years into the future. He does not understand where located, he shies away from cars, he speaks archaic language, scared literally everything. Of course he takes on himself Attention. He is detained by the police, he has no documents, he claims to be born in the 18th century. Where will the police send him after a brief interrogation? Right, in a madhouse. Paul went on a voyage to the psychiatric clinics of Marseille. Already on the second day he found such a madman. It was a “non-hazardous” “crazy,” a 50-year-old patient at a hospital. He called himself Jacques Tarves, born in 1741, a former loader Marseille port. Once he had a strong drink with a friend and along the way got home “to the next world” – so he perceived his surroundings actuality. About historical events in France in the middle of the XVIII century, he had a very vague idea. All the life of the loader was limited to the port of Marseille and the tavern. But Tarves told such details about the everyday life of the third estates that expert historians only shrugged. Tarves turned out to be not the only such strange patient. In different Clinics Deschan found 5 more of these “crazy.” They all claimed that they were born between 1765 and 1790. None of them had traces of smallpox vaccination, they lacked immunity to many 20th century diseases. Everyone was illiterate. However, in the absence of basic knowledge in the fields of physics, chemistry, geography, they possessed at the level of certified historians knowledge of daily life in France in the 18th century. Deschan tried it to publish the results of their research, but this sharply opposed the authorities. Newspapers were advised not to make a fuss around Deschan, the patients were gathered together and taken to a separate the clinic. Paul himself was advised to stop his search non-standard lunatics and the “Marseille hole” and concentrate at scientific work at the university. Threatened in case of disobedience to deprive a medical diploma. Deschan however continued his research and regularly traveled to the Bernadette Park to look for the “gateway of time.”

Once he did not return home. Apparently, his searches were crowned success.

Time Life Portals

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