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The existence of the subtle world of the dead today is in doubt unless stubborn atheists, most often uneducated, whose consciousness is choked with ideological dogmas obtained in childhood. The fact is that there is a lot of evidence today. this, and the evidence is diverse, in the first row of which there are contacts of mediums with the souls of the dead.

In this case, it’s enough to recall the Englishwoman Rosemary Brown, which became famous for playing ingenious musical works dictated to her by such great composers as Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Rachmaninoff and many others who came to her “from the next world.” Moreover, the woman herself did not have music education and hardly played the piano, however professional researchers recognized that music, dictated by Rosemary Brown, say, by the spirit of Mozart, written in his style and at the level of his brilliant talent.

But the artist Coral Polge (Coral Polge) became famous for the fact that was a portrait medium, able to draw people who are already went to the forefathers, and she drew them not from photographs and not even by descriptions, but, as they say, by intuition, or rather – coming into contact with the soul of the deceased.

At the same time, like Rosemary Brown, Coral Paulge was not professional portrait painter, and although she studied painting, but did not achieve any success in this matter, and portraits did not know how paint.

However, keenly interested in spiritualism, the woman became professional medium, and soon began to draw dead people, and so professionally and accurately in accordance with the way a man who was no longer among the living, that she had no lights out in orders. For twenty years the most active creative activity (1950-70) Coral Polge created nearly forty thousand portraits, performing an average of thirty to forty works per week.

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Coral Paulge easily proved her ingenious abilities medium artist

We can recall only the most striking cases from her practice. For example, once a writer who worked over a book about the deceased already Dag Hammarskjöld (former General UN Secretary). She herself was engaged in spiritualism, and on one of of such sessions, the spirit of Doug told her that his portrait for the future books will be drawn by Coral Paulge. The artist agreed to this. proposal, but she didn’t succeed for a long time – kept her “barrier” with the spirit of Hammarskjöld. Finally, she began to create portrait and suddenly painted a beautiful blonde girl, than a very disappointed the writer. However, in the future, working on Hammarskjöld’s biography, the writer found in his archives an old photo of little Doug – it was exactly that “girl” with the blond curls that Coral Polge drew.

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Speaking to her fans once, Polge, how is she usually did, quickly sketched a portrait of an old man and asked those present to recognize in him their deceased relative. One of women suggested that this was her grandfather, but she was not sure this one. Then the artist handed a clue from the world of the dead: relative of this portrait there is something green. But on a woman not there were green clothes, even the presence of this color was not observed – nothing. And suddenly … she recalls that her maiden name was Green

By the way, one of these days another scientist – Professor Robert Lanz from University of North Carolina, scientifically proven that the human soul not dying, but sent to a parallel world. What is he like parallel world of the dead, we are not given to know, but the connection with it exists, and the work of such mediums as the artist Coral Polge, confirms this more than convincingly.

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