Meeting of witches and sorcerers

Meeting of witches and sorcerersPhoto from open sources

If you did not know that sorcerers and witches gather annually on gatherings, then hurry to get acquainted with this video information – about modern “sabbath” on which thousands traditionally flock people with at least some magical powers.

By tradition, a gathering of witches and sorcerers takes place near the Mexican Katemako Lake. This place was not chosen by chance: it is believed that it’s here that sorcerers of all times arrange their “sabbaths” here for more than two thousand years.

The gathering of psychics, sorcerers and mystics – this is primarily a kind of school of excellence in which people with superpowers share their experiences, why at this time seminars, working groups, classes and so on are arranged. AND, of course, witches and sorcerers here demonstrate their magic abilities, which attracts here not only mystics, but also a huge crowd of viewers – lovers of everything fantastic, inexplicable and beyond.

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