Memory can fool the stomach

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Memories of a large meal can make people feel more full while blurry memories about eating have the opposite effect, argue researchers. Jeffrey Branstorm, an experimental psychologist from University of Bristol in the UK, believes that our memory affects the amount of food we eat. In the new In a study, Branstorm and colleagues took a group of 100 people. They were shown photos with a plate of tomato soup: one half – with 300 ml of soup, the other half with 500 ml of soup. Then each the participant was taken to the booth, where they ate a plate of tomato soup. At the same time, the subjects could not say exactly how much soup they ate since the experimenters used a pump that quietly pumped out or added soup to plates. Right after at lunch, people who ate more soup felt more full than those who ate less. But after 2-3 hours it is the photograph with the soup that they saw before dinner began to play predominant role. Those who saw a large plate in the photograph soup (500 ml), felt less hungry than those who showed a photo with 300 ml of soup. Thus serving size per The photos were crucial after the meal, Kedem reports. Jeffrey Branstorm notes that at this moment memory dominates hunger, not the actual amount of calories consumed. Besides In addition, the scientist claims that labels on products such as “diet food”, “low-calorie” pre-configure our brain that you won’t be able to get enough of these products. One more interesting fact: people who eat in front of the TV, computer or just reading a newspaper, they don’t really think that they are eating. Distracting from eating, memory does not form persistent food memories, so these people eat more calories, than expected, and a few hours after eating can again feel hungry. Thus fuzzy memories of eaten food can increase appetite. This study has not yet can provide any radically new strategies for weight loss, but the data can be used to treat people with hyperphagia when people don’t remember what they ate, and eat food uncontrollably.

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