Mike Tyson’s duel was visited by a traveler during time?

Did Mike Tyson's Time Traveler Visit?A photo from open sources

On August 19, 1995 in Las Vegas, a duel world-wide, marking the return of the legendary boxer Mike Tyson. Black athlete fought with his white compatriot Peter McNealy.

At the beginning of the match, Tyson threw the opponent to the floor right hook. McNealy jumped up and continued the fight, however Tyson in the middle the first round knocked him down and the referee started the countdown. To battle unexpectedly intervened comrades McNealy, who ran into the ring and tried to influence the course of the battle. Then the referee decided disqualify the white boxer, and Tyson automatically became the winner.

The fight brought the organizers about a hundred million dollars, almost one in three American families saw him on TV. However, only now is a certain boxing fan reviewing the match unexpectedly noticed something unusual that went beyond logic. One of the spectators who watched the battle live, had the most real modern smartphone! Moreover, with his devices clearly recorded what was happening on his camcorder gadget.

A photo from open sources

During the warm-up of boxers, the cameraman directed the camera at Mike. Tyson, and in the background a man with a large light-colored smartphone. At the same time, the mysterious viewer kept the gadget as if filming its own video from its angle.

Why no one turned to a time traveler attention?

No wonder that then they did not pay any attention to it. No one just did not know what a smartphone is. First prototypes high-tech mobile phones were born only five years later, with the advent of the new millennium, and specifically such white “shovels”, as they are commonly called today, began to be produced only a few years ago. Yes, and who was interested in some kind of viewer with a “strange toy” when he’s about to start fighting in front of you one of the greatest boxers in human history?

Anonymous user sharing his awesome discovery with other regulars of the World Wide Web, put forward quite curious theory. According to his assumption, the duel attended time traveler who wishes to attend this boxer fight. How else can you explain such a startling phenomenon?

Skeptics are dumb this time. The man with the smartphone was clearly captured by a cameraman, and of course, about no installation out of the question since this record can be checked and double-check. Perhaps, of course, the mysterious individual got in 1995 access to Apple’s secret designs, but this sounds very unlikely, because at that time the now popular the “apple” company produced only digital cameras, and even those enjoyed by buyers in great demand.

Smartphones Time

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