Miracles of nature: a tiny thundercloud hovering incredibly low over the road

Miracles of nature: a tiny thundercloud hovering incredibly low above the roadA photo from open sources

The video below was published a few days ago. back to the Facebook group “Funterest”, then migrated to the famous “paranormal” YouTube channel “Disclose Screen”, and from there spread to other resources of the World Wide Web.

It is reported that the mysterious movie was received at the beginning of this months, however, where exactly this happened is not known. However it was, unusual shots show something very strange and interesting: it is not surprising that the video has become on the Internet almost viral.

The sensational video shot through the windshield of the car, demonstrates the street in the rain, which is incredibly low above a cloud of miniature sizes hung. In it every now and then flare up bluish electric discharges, and a sight, I must say, truly surreal. According to the known laws of nature, such just impossible.

Or almost impossible, why some Web users even felt that it was not a thundercloud at all, but an aircraft representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. Others remembered the theory reasonable clouds and even suggested that higher powers use cloud formations for some purposes unknown to us, for example, to show signs of impending disasters. That’s why the clouds in individual cases behave as if endowed with intelligence or behind them lies something incomprehensible to us …

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