Miracles that happen due to transplantation organs

Miracles that occur due to organ transplantsA photo from open sources

If the physical mechanism of transplantation of internal organs from one individual to another by scientists and medical practitioners studied and even well worked out, then with the spiritual components of this method intervention in the human body is far from clear.

And such “misunderstandings” are manifested most often in the fact that a person which receives a particular organ from a donor will often inherit from his savior also some character traits, habits and much more.

This happens, fortunately, not always, but often such an “inheritance” literally shocking the recipient. This is exactly what happened to fifty-year-old Sharon Williamson, who could die if she within two weeks no donor heart was found. And a miracle It happened – a soldier who died in Iraq became a donor and savior women.

A photo from open sources

But as soon as Sharon regained consciousness after the operation, she immediately I asked for beer, although before that I had never drank it, I didn’t even endure it could. And then she so unbearably wanted a foamy drink, that relatives had to urgently go after him to the nearest store. In addition, an obsessive smell began to chase a woman for some reason wet woolen socks: apparently an Iraqi soldier constantly I came across him and, of course, was a beer lover.

Add that these symptoms “haunted” Sharon Williamson on a year after surgery, and then craving for beer, like smell socks – “gone.” As the woman herself says, the soldier’s heart is used to to a new body, adapted to its needs, forgetting all its old habits and some strange phobias …

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