Mistress of the well

Mistress of the wellPhoto from open sources

Before the war in our village, many had personal courtyards wells. Was with us. Then it collapsed, and we fell asleep, because there was no means and strength to repair it. The same problem arose among our neighbors. They, too, were forced to fall asleep. well.

The neighbors had a daughter of about twenty. After they buried well, her head suddenly began to hurt badly. Doctors do not help were able, and then the girl’s mother decided to take her to the healer.

“A well is buried in your yard,” she said. – He needs open and clean so people can take water.

A year has passed. Headaches in the girl did not stop. And time it was difficult, post-war, there was no one to deal with the well and once, there were more important matters. Next year to our neighbors collective farm helped.

The men opened a well, cleaned it and installed a new log house. While they worked, we, teenagers 13-14 years old, spun around. Between remembering the instructions of the healer, our neighbors built a special gate so that everyone can come there for water.

One evening I met a herd from a meadow, counted my sheep and goats, took them to the corral, and then decided to run away to look at restored well. When I approached him, I heard some strange sounds. She listened and was taken aback. It was a cry!

I carefully peered into the well. There has already accumulated water, and below nobody was there. And yet inside the well, someone is invisible cried in a soft gentle voice. I ran to my girlfriend and we Already the two came to the well, but heard nothing more.

Who cried there still do not know. Times were communist, atheistic. When I told that I heard a village librarian, she told me to be silent about this one.

About a year later, our neighbor and her still ill daughter again went to the healer.

– The girl will recover. True, not immediately, over time, – said that one. And she added: – And in your well lives the “mistress of the water.” She, By the way, she cried and someone heard it!

Gulsinya Burganovna AKHMETKHANOVA, Kazan, Tatarstan

Water Time

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