Modern methods of solving crimes

Modern methods of solving crimesPhotos from open sources It would seem that what could be common in forensics with parapsychology and extrasensory perception? However, in hopeless cases law enforcement officials increasingly use services hypnotists, clairvoyants and even astrologers.

You can remember everything to the smallest detail

Crime investigations are preceded by a survey of witnesses. TO unfortunately, people often cannot say anything concrete either hide facts intentionally.

In order to help witnesses recall what happened, some prosecutors and investigators use the so-called hypnotic reproductions.

Nikolay Savinov, working as a senior prosecutor of Moscow Regional prosecutor’s office, for several years picked up the “key”, which would allow retrieving information securely hidden in the subcortex brain.

For example, law students, being under hypnosis, continued to control their own speech well, there was no access to memory. Nevertheless, Savinov found the “key”. Each person trusts someone more than others: mother, wife, husband … You only need to “calculate” this person – and under hypnosis the witness will “split.”

Here is one case from the practice of Nikolai Savinov. Resident disappeared provincial town. Six months later, his body was found in the river understand. Traces of violent death were present on the body.

There seemed to be no reason for the murder. In the end finally there was a witness who remembered that the day he disappeared a man in the town played a wedding, and then on the next street started a fight. Under hypnosis, the witness said that the man killed later took a direct part in the fight, and also called a criminal nickname that sounded several times in during disassembly. Find by this nickname the suspect was already a matter of technology.

Hiding behind a high position did not work

It happens that law enforcement officers resort to help of psychics. So, in the Glinsky district in the Smolensk region disappeared two women and with them – a fair amount of money from the bank …

Time passed, but there was no real result. And then to the point connected a psychic. He managed to “see” the criminal. According to psychic, it was a very influential person in the city, possessing great power, having a company car and familiar with one of the victims.

The investigation began to develop this version – and went to city ​​prosecutor. It turned out that he decided to take possession of the money and dragged his friend into conspiracy. They intended to steal money and to kill the second woman, in order to put the deed on her. However later the “prosecutor”, having changed his mind, killed both.

A photo from open sources

Astrology also helps

It turns out that it is possible to identify criminals with the help of astrology. At the Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Evgeny Samovichev, candidate psychological and doctor of law. The scientist made a number horoscopes of serial killers, thanks to which not only was revealed the tendency of these people to sadism, but according to the position planets determined the possible time of atrocities.

Planets may also indicate a victim of crime. Samovichev compiled a horoscope for a journalist interviewing him and said that at the age of fifteen, in the summer, she could become a victim. AND the journalist remembered that it was then that late in the evening behind her chased by a stranger. The streets were deserted, nowhere to wait for help … The girl ran into the entrance of her house and rushed to the 4th floor. She I knew that no one was in her apartment at this time. Meanwhile heavy steps overtook … The girl slammed the door literally in front of her nose stalker and felt like he was trying to open it … K Fortunately, everything ended well.

Time is money

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