Modern smartphones are constantly found in the past

Modern smartphones are constantly in the pastPhoto from open sources

In photographs and paintings of the last century and even earlier centuries periodically find modern mobile devices, which simply shouldn’t have been there. And they, nevertheless, directly striking. What is it and how can all this be explained with point of view of logic, science and so on?

Mystical picture “The long-awaited” with a girl who plays a smartphone

Currently, the Internet is gaining popularity news about the picture of the middle of the XIX century “Long-awaited” by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, on which some are too “attentive” users suddenly discovered a modern smartphone in the hands of a girl. AND heated spores have flared up – what is it?

The fact is that the Austrian artist could not draw a modern gadget in the hands of his heroine, he himself did not know and did not know about such mobile devices. Then how did it become possible?

A photo from open sources

Some conspiracy theorists even suggested that the painter I ran into a time traveler, and therefore managed capture in her hand a strange object from his point of view, which certainly attracted the attention of a person with refined vision and vision of the world. Interesting version, isn’t it? However, as they say skeptics, even in old photographs where conspiracy theorists find mobile devices where the author of the picture himself knows nothing and doesn’t knows about his “unique masterpiece”, and then a modern gadget perplexing, because immediately there is a natural question: with whom his master could talk while mobile by phone and by what means? And here – in general, the picture when you can not suspect the unnaturalness of a mobile device not only his master, but also the artist himself – he simply could not to draw something that had no idea …

Here is what a specialist in the art of painting writes about this Gerald Weinpolter, seemingly putting an end to this dispute:

The girl in Waldmüller’s long-awaited picture comes from church, holding and apparently reading a hymnal or prayer book, not a smartphone, as it seems to a modern person who is already used to everyone’s hands to see this gadget. For the mid-19th century prayer book in his hands was as natural as a mobile device. So that there’s nothing fantastic, supernatural in this picture not…

Modern smartphone invented back in the 15th century or Leonardo da Is Vinci a Time Traveler?

But the smartphone on the drawings of the world famous artist and the ingenious inventor of Leonardo da Vinci, who lived in the XV century, really deserves the attention of researchers.

A photo from open sources

As you know, the author of “Mona Lisa”, arched bridges, weaving machines, cranes and more, constantly led diaries in which descendants found many other technologies and devices that at that time were simply unthinkable, for example, drawings of a helicopter. No wonder Leonardo da Vinci many of his contemporaries considered not only a brilliant painter and scientist, but also a black magician who could either look into the future, or even to travel in time.

More recently, in the records of a brilliant inventor and artist found one more device fantastic for his century – a smartphone (see photo).

A photo from open sources

Of course, in the view of Leonardo da Vinci himself, this figure could depict anything, but from our point of view – this drawings of a modern mobile device. It seems brilliant the scientist knew much more about the future than hitherto thought of it. because that it’s still possible to predict aircraft, even to understand and outline the mechanism of their work. But how can you create drawings smartphone, not understanding the modern mobile communication system and not knowing trends in turning these gadgets into handheld computers? Answer begs itself – only seeing such devices firsthand. But where if not in the future? Maybe Leonardo da Vinci at all time traveler who arrived in the 15th century from some later period? ..

Time Smartphones Artists

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