Molecule-sized robots

Molecular robots – another serious step in robotization
of our world. And it can be said, scientists from
University of Manchester.

These miniature robots are one millionth
millimeter (you need to add them billions to see this breast
with only a fraction of fine salt) consist of hundreds of atoms
oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, however they, as usual for us,
let’s say industrial machines are programmed and based on the pledged
programs perform specific tasks for molecular

This is how these robotic arms characterize.
The head of this project, Professor David Lee, in an article about this
invention, published September 21 of this year in a scientific publication

Molecular robots are assembled from LEGO bricks,
only in this case are building materials for them
atoms. Such micro-robots are programmed using chemical
water (special chemical reactions), after which they can perform
many tasks that will continue to be used successfully
them in medicine, industry and many other industries to create
molecular conveyors and whole factories. Molecular robots in
the future will create new drugs, participate
in the most complex industrial processes, thereby allowing
implement fantastic (from today’s point of view) projects and

What scientists today created under the guidance of David Lee,
only the beginning, a team of scientists agrees that while this is too
complex and expensive process. However, the first iron
the robot box was created with about the same difficulty and
the greatest cost of time and money. However, time passes and that’s it.
that scientists invent, quickly improved, moreover, this
The process of improvement is accelerating from year to year. So there is
the hope that molecular robots will be widely used already
directly in science and production not in decades, but
maximum, in five years. At least they believe it themselves.
the creators of these fantastic micro robots.

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