Molly Schuyler called a female lion

Molly Schuyler called the female lionPhotos from open Sources Such a big name is the mother of four babies, pretty a small (only fifty kilogram) young woman received not for his appearance, similar to the king of beasts, but for the fact that managed to eat six kilograms of meat with a side dish for just Twenty minutes.

Thirty-four Molly Schuyler thus became winner of the fast food competition that took place at days at The Big Texan Texas Restaurant. Huge crowd of onlookers gathered that day near the establishment to make sure like this a small woman will be able to deal with large meat steaks and even seize them with three portions of potato garnish with salad. But mother-heroine coped with her task and to loud applause gathered called a female lion, after which she received a well-deserved a reward of five thousand dollars.

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Note by the way that under the terms of the competition, this award goes to the one who gets rid of six kilograms of meat with a side dish in an hour. Molly Schuyler can be said to have blocked this requirement in three times and could even count on a triple reward.

Last year, this female lion broke the record of famous Joe Chestnut (nicknamed for the quick eating of the jaws), and today she set a new record in this direction of restaurant competitions.

The Big Texan restaurant has held such competitions since 1960, but no one has seen this here yet. By the way, the co-owner of the institution Bobby Lee noticed that the rule of the restaurant is: any the visitor can have lunch for free, but for this he will have to eat two kilogram beef steak with a side dish no more than an hour without getting up from the table. Otherwise he will have to to pay seventy-two dollars for this pleasure.

In practice, this is only a third of the female lion record, so Molly Schuyler, if desired, can get a free lunch at The Big Texan at least every day. True, Bobby Lee did not specify whether to use it. “gluttonous woman” …

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