More than 40% of people hear voices in their heads

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Every 25th inhabitant of the Earth regularly hears voices in his head, and at least once in my life with “invisible interlocutors” More than 40% of people encounter. It is reported by Newsweek with reference on the latest research.

It is noted that most of them continue to live absolutely normal. This is largely due to the original approach to the issue that members, in particular, adhere to international group “Intervoice”. They reject the theory that voices in the head are a sign of mental disorders, and sure that the problem is not in the very existence of “voices”, but in man’s attitude towards them.

“If people think their voices are omnipotent, they can be harmful and manage them, they are less likely to cope with this and with more likely to end up as mental patients disorders. If they have explanations for votes that help to cope with them, this is the first step to learn how to live with them, “said Eugene Georgaca, Sr. Lecturer at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The man who hears voices

As an example of “cohabitation” of a person with voices in his head Newsweek leads the story of Rachel Waddingham, which for the first time I heard the voices of three men during college. It seemed to her that some people talked about how ugly she was and advised her kill yourself.

When she entered the room where, in her opinion, they were hiding men, the girl did not find anyone. The voices didn’t leave her, she gradually stopped communicating with friends, addicted to alcohol and ended up in a psychiatric clinic. After 8 months of treatment the voices disappeared however after the woman stopped taking medication, returned.

Now 13 voices are “talking” to her, including a sad one, but a cheeky 3 year old child, an angry teenager and a suffering woman. According to Wedham, they say aggressive and evil things with sexual subtext, which greatly frightened her in her childhood.

When the voices of children and adolescents cannot fall asleep, she reads to them bedtime stories, and when they suggest harming an outsider man, says that she will take care of her safety.

Last October Georgaz organized the sixth in Thessaloniki annual festival for those who hear voices. In the event attended by over 200 people from all over the world, the goal of the conference is tell your ways of life with invisible people. Facebook events, as well as special groups that exist in dozens of countries around the world, help people feel full members of society, not patients.

The main premise of the event is that the voices in head often occur after severe stress or injury. According to studies, people start hearing them after violent shocks in 70% of cases, while the invisible interlocutor usually says in the voice of the person who injured the person.

In addition, the voice in the head can symbolize the person himself at that moment when he committed any offense.

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