Moscow Metro – mysterious and mystical underground city

Moscow Metro - a mysterious and mystical underground cityA photo from open sources

Despite the fact that the Moscow metro is perceived by many residents of the capital and Russia as a whole only as an underground city transport, in fact, this huge metro is much more complex education than it seems at first glance. Moscow Metro – a whole underground city, and full of secrets and mysticism.

The tip of the iceberg

Suffice it to say that the metro lines that constantly grow and expand, conquering more and more territory underground, in fact – only the tip of the iceberg of this mysterious monster in which there are many more classified or abandoned branches, stations, bunkers and other passages, labyrinths and construction, in general, making up such a concept, like Metro-2.

A photo from open sources

Moscow Metro could well compete in age with London Underground since back in the late nineteenth century was planned its construction. But this was hindered the clergy of Russia, believing that to go underground, that is, in hell does not follow Orthodox citizens.

The subsequent history showed how true this was. the construction of an underground city in the capital. So, in the early thirties years, when its construction began, a certain Gleb Bokiy, who was then heading ninth (dealing with esoteric questions) the state security department in the country suggested to the leadership countries to create the Metro from twelve (according to the zodiac signs) lines, interconnected by a ring branch. So it was done thanks to which in the underground city, as almost all sorcerers claim and magicians, a special negative energy was created, and the Metro due to this, he turned into a generator of otherworldly forces.

Scary place

It is no coincidence that people constantly disappear in the Metro, and dozens of day, however, nobody writes or talks about this anywhere, and although statistics missing, most likely, is, but not disclosed.

Many Muscovites and guests of the capital saw a ghost train, running along a circular line in which you can see the seated people in old-fashioned clothes of the pre-war era and even conductors (used in the first years of operation of the subway).

A photo from open sources

According to experts and researchers of this issue, Moscow Metro is built on the bones of prisoners who were driven here in the thousands. And you can only imagine what the hell was going on here underground during the construction of all this “anthill”. Rumor has it that in the walls of the subway many walled up alive people (the laws of the prison world), and therefore their souls are not rest until still roaming here, especially at night, although ghosts in the Metro can to meet even in the afternoon.

Suffice it to recall the Black driver, who go about whole legends. In the nineties of the last century one night through teenagers got into the Metro’s ventilation shafts and ran into the spirit of this inspector. He did nothing wrong with them, only showed many hidden places. In front of another iron door the old engineer told the boys that Metro-2 was starting behind her, and there the way for mere mortals is ordered. After which the ghost melted in the air in front of amazed and frightened teenagers, forcing them to flee the next moment from the Metro without looking back and then never use his services.

A photo from open sources

You can also recall the huge mutant rats, which chosen by the Moscow metro and often terrify not only workers of this underground city, but also on the passengers themselves. However, we suggest you look at all this new documentary “Metro-2, the authors of which have collected a lot interesting about this mysterious, scary and generally far away unsafe subway for humans.

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