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The most-most or people-phenomenaA photo from open sources Many of us dream to establish a global record. Who wouldn’t want to break the world record for inflation the world’s largest bubble gum bubbles or possess the largest bubble in the world with a collection of traffic cones? But some record holders never did not plan or did not want to set any records. 1. Transfer to a tornado for a long distance and survive Matt Suter was a 19 year old high school graduate when March 12th 2006, a storm pounced on his hometown of Fordland, state Missouri. That Sunday Suter was, and his grandmother’s trailer with disabled grandmother and uncle. When gusts of wind and rain fell on the trailer, Suter stood on the couch, trying to close the window, and was dressed only in shorts. At that moment, Suter heard a roar. “He was getting everything louder and louder, as if ten military aircraft were flying right at us, “he said. The back and front door of the trailer blew out, and walls, floor and ceiling began to move, “like jelly.” Trailer started topple over, the walls began to crumble. After that, the lamp hit Suther’s head and he fell unconscious. As his grandmother saw Suther’s limp body pulled outward into a whirlwind. It was a tornado F2 category, and he moved Suter to 398.37 meters – a length of four football fields. He woke up in a field alive and unharmed, not counting small wounds on the head. Miraculously, his grandmother and uncle also survived the destruction of their trailer, but were littered with heavy furniture. Suther’s record flight is not the first: in 1999 in Oklahoma the girl survived when the tornado threw her 30 meters away. In south Dakota girl and her pony survived a 300-meter tornado flight in 1955 year. 2. Most Prolific Parents Exist reality show showing how the Duggar family of Arkansas survives with its 19 children. But how can you live with 87 children? No matter how strange the number may seem, this record is recorded in “Guinness Book of Records” by Fedor Vasilyev, a peasant XVIII century from Shui near Moscow. Fedor and his two wives gave birth to 22 twin pairs, nine times in triple and four times in quadruple. Vasiliev was born around 1707 and first became a father at the age of 18. Four years later they stopped. He said everything but two children survived infancy, a wonderful amount for that time. And when he was asked at an advanced age of 75 years, all of his 84 children were still alive. His fertility was so extreme that he was summoned to Petersburg to meet with Empress Catherine II. And who is the most prolific mother? it The first wife of Fedor. But nobody seems to care about her name, because it was not found, which, of course, is a shame, because she deserves a much greater reward than her husband. She at the end finally experienced 27 pregnancies and 69 births. The second wife of Fedor – also unknown – experienced only eight pregnancies and 18 childbirth. 3. The heaviest people. Probably, it will not surprise anyone that the hardest ever recorded man and woman – the Americans. Of all countries in 2012, the highest percentage in the USA is 34% are obesity. John brower minnoch from washington 12 years old weighed 135 kg. His weight steadily increased until peaked at around 635 kg in 1978. That march he suffered from heart and respiratory failure, and it took 12 firefighters to get him to the hospital University of Seattle. He was diagnosed with severe dropsy, and the doctor estimated that he had 400 kg of accumulated fluid. Minnoch He was in the hospital for two years, lying on two shifted beds. It took 13 people to flip it. During your stay in hospital Minnoch married a woman named jeannette, and since she weighed only 50 kg, they set a record as the pair with the largest difference in weight. He was put on a 1200-calorie diet, and by the time of his discharge in 1980, he lost 419 kg, the largest the number of kilograms ever recorded. But this seriously affected his body, and he died in 1983 at the age of 41st year. In the “Guinness Book of Records” record of the most difficult the woman refers to Rosalie Bradford from Florida who has reached a peak weight of 544 kg. Like Minnoch, Bradford struggled with obesity all her life, but that was before she got married and gave birth child, because of which her weight rapidly increased. She was in so depressed that she tried to kill herself with painkillers, but because of her weight, the pills just made her fall asleep for a few days. After she contacted the guru weight loss by Richard Simmons, she went on a diet and started training program. At the beginning, the exercises consisted of clapping in hands. In the first year, she lost 190 kg, and in total she lost 317 kg – record weight lost by a woman. In 1992, she weighed under 136 kg, received an education – degree in psychology and beginning drive around the country giving motivational speeches. She died in 2006 year at the age of 63 years. 4. The largest quantity and size kidney stones By December 2009, 45-year-old Dhanraj Vadile, a shopkeeper in Shahad, India, has lived for half a year with acute abdominal pain. Dr. Ashish Ravandale-Patil determined that Vadile suffered from kidney stones. Using an endoscope and a scalpel, Dr. Patil spent four hours removing 172,155 stones from calcium oxalate and phosphate, ranging in size from a millimeter to 2.5 cm. All they were removed from Vadile’s left kidney. Dr. Patil’s team counted stones for a month. At the end they sent Guinness stones for confirmation. Of course, in the book Vadile’s feat, breaking the previous record of 14,098 stones removed in one patient. The lucky record holder of the largest the size of the stone is also from India – this is the 37-year-old police officer Vilas Guge from Mumbai. In February 2004, Guge was surgically removed the stone, which was 13 cm across. Usually stones there are no more than 9 cm across. There is another rival: in In 2009, a Hungarian named Sandor Sarkadi removed a stone weighing 1.13 kg, which was the size of a coconut. 5. Survive car wreck at highest speed Donald Campbell has eight world speed records on land (RSZ) and on water (RSV). is he – still the only person who broke both types of records in one year. But on September 16, 1960, he set a record for which not counted. Donald was the only son of Sir Malcolm Campbell, a pioneer of racing and holder of 13 speed records (nine on the ground and four on the water). Shortly after the death of his father Donald found out that one American was going to beat his father’s RSV and decided to keep the banner of his family. In the 1950s Campbell steadily raised its RSV from 257 to 418 km / h. He is constantly compared his success with his father’s and often asked his best friend, Sir Malcolm would be proud of him. And in 1960, young Campbell took the RSZ, which once broke his father’s record. This record the speed was 634 km / h, set by the British John Cobb. Cobb also set records on land and on water, and in 1952 year, he died, trying to break the record of Donald. Donald was sure that from his “Bluebird CN7” you can squeeze 643 km / h, and he was on his own sixth test run at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah when lost control at a speed of 586 km / h. Structural Strength “Bluebird” saved his life on that fateful day of September 16, 1960, but he suffered a fracture of the skull and rupture of the tympanic membrane. After for several months Campbell raced again, but until 1964 Bluebird did not reach a record of 648.5 km / h. He drew again look at the water and died on January 4, 1967, when he lost control above its “Bluebird K7” at a speed of more than 480 km / h. His body it remained to lie on the bottom of Coniston Water Lake until 2001. 6. The longest time spent on a medical gurney in the hallway of the hospital In the “Guinness Book of Records” was introduced a new category when Tony Collins, a 40-year-old Briton, reported that he lay on a gurney for 77 hours and 30 minutes. Collins – Diabetic and contracted the virus that sent him to the Princess Hospital Margaret in Swindon, England, on Saturday, February 24, 2001. His they said he would have to wait for the hospital bed, and left on a gurney parked outside the bathroom at three in the afternoon. “I have my back hurt, there was no personal space, and I had to rely on the nurses who wore me a drink because there is nowhere was to put a jug. “In the end. for him they found a room in 8:30 pm – on Tuesday. Ironically, while Guinness was studying Collins application, he fell ill again and returned to the hospital. This time he lay on a gurney for 60 hours. As for his record, he said: “Unfortunately, most likely it will be a record changing every day at the Public Health Service. “He referred to the National Health Service, the health system, funded by the british government. Collins Predictions turned out to be true: in March 2013, 62-year-old Herbert Edwards with suspected of a heart attack was taken to the Great Western Hospital, also in Swindon. He waited for a room on a gurney for six days, only 144 hours. He, however, did not break Collins’ record because he was in a designated place instead of a corridor. Therein the same hospital, 41-year-old June Rogers was waiting for a bed 157 hours, 88 of them on a gurney. She also did not break Collins record, because her watch on a gurney did not go in a row. 7. Amputations on the same hand Some records can hardly be repeated, not only because no one wants to beat them, but also because of the controversy that record holder created. Clint Hallam’s three amputations – just such a record. Hallam’s first amputation occurred in 1984, when he was imprisoned by Christchurch Rollston for fraud in his native New Zealand. A circular saw cut off his right hand over the wrist. Surgeons brought the limb back, but it was infected, and she was again amputated in 1988. Ten years later Hallam was offered the opportunity to get the first hand transplant. He was sent to Lyon, France, where he successfully sewn the hand of the late french motorcyclist. Hallam sweat said he hated a new hand from the start: “Donor’s hand was bigger than mine, bald and pink. My skin is olive shade, and there is hair on it. She didn’t fit. “During Hallam recovered in love with his French nurse and left his wife, with whom they had been together for 12 years, and children. “Marty (the nurse) is the only good thing they gave me surgeons, said Hallam. “Other than her, I got nothing.” Hallam lost contact with his doctors and stopped taking the medicine against rejection. Inevitably, his body rejected his hand, and she had to amputate for the third time in 2001. Medical world and his the French surgeon was saddened by the waste of a donor arm. Hallam asked for another transplant in 2002, but still he hasn’t got. 8. The largest number of broken bones ever since he jumped for the last time in 1977, Robert Craig Level, known as Yvel Level, counted 150 jumps on Motorcycle from ramp to ramp through various obstacles. is he crashed or failed in 18 of these jumps. As a result he suffered more than 433 fractures on 35 different bones – world record. He broke a skull, nose, jaw, both collarbones, both arms, both wrists, sternum, each rib and back five times. IN addition, he broke both ankles, some toes, right shin, right knee, tailbone, left thigh and broke the pelvis three times. When his first serious injury happened, he hadn’t even driven motorcycle. In February 1966, Nivel tried to jump over motorcyclist riding at speed. He jumped too late and his hit in the groin, knocking him back 4.5 meters. Much worse accident occurred on December 31, 1967, when he tried to jump over fountain at the “Caesars Palace” in Las Vegas, a distance of 43 meters. is he jumped over the fountain, but landed badly, overturned the steering wheel motorcycle and glided through the parking lot. His upper leg and pelvis were crushed, he broke his hip, wrist, both ankles and got concussion that sent him to a coma for 29 days. Disclaimer jumping did not stop visiting the hospital. Behind the fall on a golf course followed by hip prosthetics. Level fell twice into your own pool, breaking the ribs and knee. He had a transplant liver in 1999 after alcohol killed his own. Towards the end of his life, he wore a pump on his stomach that delivered morphine and synthetic heroin directly to his spine. He died 30 November 2007 from lung fibrosis. 9. Survive deadly dangerous events in one day Doshi, a 10-month cross a pit bull living with its owner in Clearlake, California, stood out a very bad day on April 15, 2003. That morning she jumped over the fence to escape from her yard, and then she was shot down pickup. When the police arrived, Doshi had glass eyes and lameness. Deciding that the dog was mortally wounded, a policeman shot her in the head just below her right eye to stop her misery. The control of the animals arrived and laid what they mistaken for a corpse in a plastic bag. They brought Dosha to the canine corral and placed in a freezing chamber. Two hours later, an employee opened the freezer and saw Dosha sitting, and she’s still was in the package. An officer bullet traveled along Doshi’s skull – almost touching her brain – and stuck in the skin under the jaw. Dog also suffered hypothermia, but after the first incident she didn’t bones were broken. Bullet fragments howled extracted but she in to some extent lost hearing in her right ear. For the fact that Dosha managed to escape death three times, Guinness called her the most fortunate the dog in the world. 10. The hardest thing to kill is because they don’t want people to compete for this record, Guinness doesn’t have for this special category. But if they are, they will become winners. Russian mystic Grigory Rasputin – a man who is furious poisoned the night, shot three times, castrated and thrown into a frozen river before he died. But the record holder is undoubtedly is Michael Malloy. Malloy was a 50 year old Irish immigrant, who lived in New York in January 1933. He used to be a fireman, but now homeless and alcoholic. Five friends made a plan take away three insurance policies and kill him. One of the conspirators owned a bar where they illegally sold booze and he gave Malloy unlimited credit, in the hope that he will be drunk to death. But despite the fact that Malloy spent almost every moment waking, exercising his elbow, he did not die. Frustrated, bartender, another conspirator, replaced Malloy’s whiskey with antifreeze. Malloy drank six glasses before being cut down – but not dead. The whole week Malloy drank nothing but antifreeze. Then there was turpentine. After him there was liquid horse ointment mixed with rat poison. When and raw oysters pickled in wood alcohol failed it to kill, the conspirators tried spoiled sardines on it, sprinkled with nails. Malloy returned a few seconds later. One night, the temperature dropped to -25 ° C, and the conspirators abandoned Malloy in a snowdrift and poured him water on his bare chest. When and it is not it worked, another conspirator knocked down Malloy in his taxi, making the unfortunate person fly like a rag doll. Later the conspirator moved Malloy to hedge. After that by Malloy I went to hospital for three weeks, but returned to the bar, complaining: “I dying the way I want a drink. “In the end, they waited until Malloy passed out, put a rubber hose in his mouth and blew gas. An hour passed before Malloy’s face turned red and he finally ordered a long life. The conspirators would have avoided trouble, but they argued about the money received loud enough for the police sniffed about the scheme. They were tried, and four of the five conspirators were electrocuted. They all died from the first attempts.

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