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Despite the fact that the path to the summit of Everest is difficult and dangerous, why many climbers found their last refuge here, those wishing to conquer Chomolungma not only does not decrease, but with each growing year.

By the way, we note that the locals call this the highest the peak on Earth also by Sagarmatha, Shenmufen, not to mention less common names. Nepalese Kami Rita for whom it after all, the peak of Sagarmatha ascended to it already 23 times, thereby setting a world record in the conquest of Everest.

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According to CBS News, despite the fact that everything Rita’s ascents are officially recorded, get into the Book of Records Guinness is still problematic for him because of the rules of this publications, so a resident of Nepal remains a leader without a well-known international title.

But the Nepalese himself is not particularly concerned about this, for him, as a descendant of the inhabitants of Tibet, climbing the tops of the mountains no more than Work. He first climbed the Jomolungma in 1994 when he was 24 years old, today at almost 50 years old this mountain worker helps climbers in their difficult climbs, provides extreme food and equipment, and even saves the doomed. As we are no longer once wrote, Everest annually collects “tribute” from climbers, taking the lives of some of them, and far from the weakest and worst trained.

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Unfortunately, such professionals, and with natural inclinations to this, which is Kami Rita, not so much, especially choose for yourself such a difficult and dangerous profession, many even the descendants of the Tibetans are not resolved. So for a Nepalese rock climber it’s not climbing Sagarmatha in order to set another record, but just a vocation. And every year he confirms his highest professionalism of a mountain climber.

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