Mount Kailash Pyramid – Spiritual Center Of the earth

Mount Kailash Pyramid - the spiritual center of the EarthA photo from open sources

Mount Kailash has been considered a saint since ancient times, only initiates, and even before that they specially prepared during long time. Buddhists believe that on top of Kailash “lives” the earthly incarnation of God Shiva.

In the twentieth century, Mount Kailash attracts reinforced attention of politicians, scientists, athletes. However, to climb it is not still succeeds in nobody. And even on planes flying over her, as reported by bewilderment and some fear, the pilots stop all navigation devices work.

In the late nineties, a group of American climbers still climbed one of the mountains in the Kailash region – and even that already was a sensation. However, over the next two years, everything climbers suddenly sharply grew old and died, although they were young healthy guys.

When approaching Mount Pyrameda Kailash with everyone without exception strange, inexplicable things happen to people: your appetite is lost, the thoughts get confused, the goal of arriving here goes somewhere in the background etc…

Scientists in their own way try to explain the phenomenon of Mount Kailash, and on this account already has many hypotheses and conjectures. For instance, Russian researcher of this unique region E. Muldashev calls Tibet the matrix of life on our planet, and itself Mount Kailash Pyramid – the spiritual center of the Earth. However, see a film about this secret in seven seals and judge for yourself.

Kailash Pyramids

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