Mountain Altai is steadily shifting to northwest. What’s happening?

Altai Mountains is steadily shifting to the northwest. What is happening?A photo from open sources

Surveyors of the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics named A.A. Trofimuk discovered tectonic displacement of the Altai Mountains relative to the northern part of Eurasia. Speed ​​of a given offset equal to approximately 1.2 millimeters per year.

In 2000, the Sayan geodynamic network was created in Altai space geodesy, which includes 25 points GPS observations. This network is used by researchers to evaluate postseismic displacements observed in Altai from 27 September 2003, that is, when Chuyskoye happened earthquake.

According to estimates of surveyors, the Altai Mountains is gradually shifting relative to northern Eurasia at 1.19 millimeters per year, with 30 degrees north-west. According to the doctor Fizmatnauk Vladimir Timofeev, the speed of this tectonic movement is approximately half the rate recorded in the west of the Altai Mountains before the Chuisky incident earthquake.

Despite the displacement of the Altai Mountains, researchers do not expect powerful earthquakes in the near future, comparable in power with Chuisky.

Previously, employees of the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy named after Sobolev, as well as experts from Novosibirsk State University did conclusion that in the distant future Eurasia is the largest continent of our planet, will be split in two and on the site of Lake Baikal will appear ocean.

Altai Earthquakes

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