Mountains – Hallucinogens

Mountains are hallucinogensPhoto from open sources

In the east of Kazakhstan are Ayyrtau mountains, which tourists have long been called hallucinogenic. The fact is that many who ascended to their peaks, hallucinations immediately arose.

These are not really simple, but very mysterious mountains. One by one from scientific versions, the Ayyrtau mountain range formed in the distant past from the fragments of a huge comet that fell to Earth. The mountains really consist of some kind of strange, like unearthly black rocks, although there is nothing fantastic about these stones, researchers and not found.

Photo from open sources

Nevertheless, the mountains of Ayyrtau attract and then discourage travelers, acting in some incredible way human consciousness. For example, a resident of Novosibirsk Arseniy Smirnov, having been here, says that on the top he suddenly saw that the whole earth below began to wave in waves, as if turning into a peculiar, very scary sea. Some climbers see here strange sculptural figures, and with with burning eyes and much more that in the mountains, and indeed in reality simply cannot be.

Auditory hallucinations also happen, say, bumps, hum, as if people are not at the top of the mountain, but in some kind of fortress. Separate tourists even hear singing, and very terrible – unearthly. Perhaps some researchers suggest that this is even not in rock, although it is strange, too black, but in electromagnetic anomaly that affects consciousness people here. In any case, a man in the mountains of Ayyrtau often feels the same as when taking light drugs. Hence the popular name – “Mountains – hallucinogens.”

Photo from open sources

True, there is no inflow of drug addicts to the Ayyrtau mountains. Firstly, it’s not so easy to climb to the top, and secondly, the impact on the human consciousness of these places is somewhat different from narcotic. It can be compared rather with a collision. a person with something unusual, mystical, mysterious, which is more causes fear and panic than the euphoria aspired by lovers drugs …

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