Mummified girl looks 97 years old how alive

A mummified girl looks like a living girl for 97 years.A photo from open sources

Scientists, like all kinds of independent researchers, are religious ones are still amazed at the unique mummy – two-year-old girl Rosalia Lombardo, who is already 97 years old retains its amazing freshness, as if the child was not dead, but just fell asleep.

Why does this phenomenon haunt scientists? The fact is that girl does not change over the years. And find a logical explanation for this hard:

  • Suppose, scientists say, that Dr. Alfredo of Salafi, who performed this embalming immediately after the death of Rosalia, occurred on December 6, 1920 (the girl lived only two years and died of pneumonia, after which her father decided to keep the body of his beloved daughter as a keepsake), had some kind of miraculous a way to mummify corpses. However embalming technology Salafi was found in his manuscript archive, and experts in it found nothing that could at least somehow explain the phenomenon of “sleeping beauty”;
  • Sometimes, say religious figures (to clarify, burial Rosalia’s girls became almost the last in the history of the catacombs Capuchins in Palermo and unremarkable), the body of the saint a person can maintain his vitality, which is most often observed by Buddhist monks who are almost completely not are dying. But in this case, all this does not fit with death and embalming the most ordinary two-year-old girl;
  • Perhaps Rosalia Lombardo, suggest ufologists, not quite earthly girl, and therefore in her embalming, as, however, aliens who save her body took part in death for some future resurrection;
  • Mystics who are so fabulous agree with this statement. (as in Pushkin’s “Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights”) the alleged resurrection is correlated not only with aliens, but the otherworldly powers of the kingdom of the dead.

Facts and evidence that a mummified girl lively

Meanwhile, the body of Rosalia Lombardo, being in a glass coffin, over the course of a century it’s practically unchanged, even fair hair, the cilia of the girl look like alive, and the bluish eyes, certainly continue to look at this world because they sometimes are ajar. Although not much, but enough to amaze tourists who flock here from all over of the world in order to see this miracle.

A photo from open sources

But is only the trembling of the eyelids striking in this mummy? Attendant the staff claims that near the glass coffin some miracles happen: then the key will fall from the grating that closes the entrance here, then the girl will sigh, then the monks will hear steps in her crypt. And one overseer named Donatello even “got mad reason, “claiming that once Rosalia completely opened her eyes and looked at him with her blue eyes full of hypnotic attractiveness and incredible power. I must say that the monks claim that the girl’s body exudes a pleasant smell of wildflowers and most often lavender. And although this does not always happen, the fact itself is just amazing.

A photo from open sources

Skeptics, of course, do not believe in all this, explaining the trembling of the eyelids mummies play of light, for example, adheres to this point of view catacomb ranger, ardent materialist Dario Piombino-Mascali. However, scientists have installed modern equipment that monitors mummy, and here’s what struck them: the computer detected weak impulses of the brain of Rosalia, which can only be in in one case – the girl is sleeping, but she is not dead – fiction and yes only.

But that’s not all: a modern camcorder that can shoot in slow motion, such as blooming or swelling kidneys, recorded that the mummy’s eyelids are actually parted. So to blame everything on the play of light and the speculations of the monks did not it turns out …


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