Murmansk captured a strange heavenly anomaly

Murmansk captured a strange celestial anomalyPhoto from open sources

Murmansk photographer Alexander Stepanenko shot several nights back the northern lights and quite unexpectedly “caught” in the sky strange anomaly. In the western sky, under the Milky Way, the mysterious luminous curl to which our compatriot can not find a rational explanation.

Alexander reports that he did not subject the received image to processing in the editor. The photo, however, was taken with a long exposure, therefore, it is possible that the radiant squiggle is actually nothing more than a train from the flight of some unidentified flying object. Surely a UFO was flying over Murmansk at that moment, question man?

A photo from open sources

Be that as it may, Stepanenko’s intriguing frame is swiftly circled many Runet sites, including the famous social network “In contact with”. Resource users tried to explain the anomaly drone flight, meteorite fall, glow of an unknown galaxy or even tricks of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilization.

Do not forget that the night sky is fraught with countless many puzzles, most of which are incomprehensible to humans. Experienced astronomers have long claimed that in just one night observations in the telescope of the sky you can see what is forever will change your idea of ​​the Universe and of our world as a whole, will certainly change for the better …

Maybe you should get as many people as possible. telescopes? For example, in the framework of the state program …

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