Muslim talismans: magical properties of amulets

In the Muslim religion, special amulets and charms are used to attract good luck, health, improve family relationships, and protect against the evil eye. They are considered predominantly strong and effective all over the world.

Often, in creating such attributes, residents of eastern countries use the help of otherworldly forces. However, anyone who wants to touch such objects should know that the use of Muslim amulets and amulets presupposes compliance with certain rules. Deviation from them, can not only reduce the effect, but also lead to negative effects on humans.

Muslim amulets

Muslim amulets are very common in the East. Their popularity is due to the fact that the people of these countries have a strong belief in all the words they say. Therefore, they try to protect themselves and their loved ones from the evil eye, damage and other negative energy.

To do this, special Muslim talismans are created independently or purchased in stores. Moreover, most of them perform a protective function, and some attract good luck, happiness, love and much more.

Eye of Fatima

Preserved from the evil eye and damage

The leading place in the list of Muslim amulets from the evil eye and damage is occupied by the Eye of Fatima (Nazar). Its appearance attracts not only local residents, but also a large number of tourists. Therefore, it can be purchased at any souvenir shop in the Eastern country. Moreover, this subject of the Islamic religion is the only one that is available to Christians, Catholics and other representatives of the faith.

Such a talisman will help to ward off the evil eye, damage or any other negative influence that strangers have from a person and his loved ones. However, this item has one peculiarity – to ensure protection, it must always be in a conspicuous place. Hiding Nazar under clothing, a person completely deprives him of magical properties.

Protect from human envy

To protect themselves from envy, Muslims acquire the Hamsa amulet (hand of Fatima). However, it is very popular not only in eastern countries, but also in others, including Spain, Ethiopia. At the same time, many centuries ago, the Spanish government banned such a Muslim amulet because of its strong prevalence among the people.

The main task is to save a person and his life from the evil eye and damage, which evil people are trying to bring because of the start. In addition, the hand of Fatima protects health, helping to heal from diseases. If such a Muslim talisman is hung in a car, then its owner will attract good luck and happiness.


Muslim amulets and talismans differ depending on their type and main purposes. Some are created to attract wealth, money to the family, and others to build relationships between a man and a woman.

Often, amulets are created or purchased to protect the smallest family members – children. Moreover, in case of problems with their conception, amulets also come to the rescue.

Conventionally, all such Muslim amulets are divided into several groups, depending on the purpose:

  • attract positive energy;
  • repel negative effects from enemies;
  • affect the fulfillment of desires.

For example, one of the most famous amulets is considered a crescent moon with a star. Such a symbol played an important role in the life of the Muslim people even before the adoption of the Islamic faith, since the moon in hot countries was associated with coolness. At the same time, the crescent moon with a star is the only known amulets placed in many mosques. For the Muslim people, it is like a crucifixion for Christians.

Such an Arab talisman in the East is considered a reliable protector from adversity. However, it is recommended to use it only for those people who practice Islam. Otherwise, it can only bring misfortune.

amulet Zulfiqar

From enemies

Muslim amulets and talismans provide a person with strong protection from enemies. These include the Zulfikar amulet, known for its creators (Maghreb tradition). Its name corresponds to the name of one of the famous angels in Islam. Its appearance is made up of two crossed daggers.

Suras are applied to their blades to increase protection.

Moreover, such an amulet is used not only for protection, but also for attracting prosperity (in other words, for wealth).

Depending on the wishes of the person, Zulfiqar can be used only for personal purposes or for the family or at home. However, in any circumstances, it fully fulfills its main function – it protects against enemies.

For the same purpose, other amulets based on Suras, ayats or duals are also purchased. Unlike other magical items, they do not use Arabian black magic to create them. They are fully permitted by the Koran, therefore they are very popular among Muslims.

But only people of the Islamic faith can wear it on the neck, arms or other parts of the body. Otherwise, the amulet will not be of any use.

Amulets created with the help of suras, verses and duals of the Koran cannot be worn below the waist of the body.


Most often, Arabs make talismans from three main elements:

  • stone;
  • paper;
  • wood.

They are prepared in advance for the application of the necessary inscription: prayers, parts of the Koran, the names of angels. It is not uncommon for them to write spells to achieve the desired effect (protection from enemies, attracting happiness and money).

Amulet of early Islam

Talismans for good luck, wealth

For human luck and wealth, it is recommended to purchase an amulet of early Islam. Based on Muslim legends, it was created by Muhammad himself.

The appearance of the mascot does not attract much attention. It is based on a small coin with intricate patterns. It can be worn both on the body (on the neck, arms) and in the car, at home or in any other place. Only a person who believes in Allah can possess such a magic item.

The amulet of early Islam strengthens the power of human desires, helping to fulfill them. Therefore, he can only help those who believe and pray to the Muslim God.

Such a talisman is recommended to be purchased in mosques or in places nearby.

Muslim talismans of love

Muslim talismans are purchased not only for luck or for protection. They have a good influence on young unmarried girls, contributing to their early well-being in their personal lives. In other words, talismans are acquired in order to get married and achieve harmony in love.

Most often, they are based on the Arabic Suras from the Koran. Their total number is 114 pieces, each of which carries its own meaning and affects a certain side or part of a person's life. For example, Tahrim helps to attract happiness to the family after marriage.

How to activate Muslim talismans

The activation of the Muslim talisman is an important requirement that must be fulfilled by each person to achieve the desired result. Only after this procedure will the amulet be able to perform its basic functions.

Moreover, such a ceremony should be carried out only according to the laws and rules of Islam. If a person adheres to another religion, then the coverage must be abandoned. Such a procedure is aimed at attracting a spirit to the object for protection. Only after activation, the element becomes a talisman, amulet or talisman.

Process features

You can attract not only a good spirit, but also a negative one, which will have a bad effect on the fate of a person. In order to avoid such consequences, it is necessary to read the protective sunnah.

Activation can be carried out not only with an amulet or talisman, but also with any other thing (jewelry, paper, garment). Most often, rings, pendants or bracelets with precious stones are chosen for these purposes.

arabic mascot

In this case, it is important to choose a piece of jewelry that will not have any damage or defects. Even a small chip or scratch will affect the further properties of the magic item.

After reading the protective sunnah, you must proceed to the ritual itself. The person should face the east side. The amulet or talisman should be raised above the head. In this position, it is necessary to pronounce the words of the ceremony three times.

You can perform the activation ceremony anywhere, however, upon completion, it is considered mandatory to visit the mosque. In this case, a person must walk the path to her, without saying a word. Approaching the sacred building, the left hand rests on the wall, and the right hand on the chest in the area of ​​the heart.

The last step of activation is to appeal to good spirits. A person should ask them to endow an amulet or talisman with protective powers. At the end of the prayer, gratitude to the spirit is expressed.

After all the words, you can leave the sacred land. However, this must also be done without words without turning around.

If you perform the entire rite of illumination correctly, taking into account all the rules and tips, then immediately after its completion, the magic object will begin to act.

Despite the fact that Muslim talismans, amulets and charms are common all over the world, only a person who sincerely believes in Allah can use them. To activate them, it is important to conduct a lighting ceremony.

After him, a magic item will be able not only to protect a person, his family, friends from damage, the evil eye and other negative influences, but also have a positive effect on life. For example, to contribute to the receipt of wealth, to give children to childless parents, to increase the energy from desires and much more. Often they are acquired by couples who have problems in their personal lives, but want to get married.

Thus, Arab talismans have a positive impact on all aspects of the life of a believer.

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