“My dog ​​disappeared for three days. That which returned back, they were no longer “

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44-year-old Canadian Trevor Coens shared with netizens a mysterious and rather frightening story that happened to him about two decades ago.

The man says that all his life he lived in a small fishing The village of Pointe-Oaks-Utard in the east of the country. The village stands on the shore St. Lawrence Bay, on the other side of it grows dense taiga.

In his youth, Trevor often hunted. He had a scottish Sandy the shepherd is a very intelligent, faithful and playful dog. AND although dogs of this breed are not very suitable for hunting, Sandy often helped his master get rabbits, protein and other small game.

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One fall, Trevor went hunting deer and took with a pet – more for the company than for the sake of success. The man got into the van, put Sandy next to him and drove to the family hut, which stood at the edge of the forest by the nameless road.

Already on the first night, the hunter noticed the strange behavior of the dog. The dog to whom he laid a sunbed in the corner of the living room behaved unusually restless. At first Trevor decided that Sandy was excited the sounds of the forest – like the sound of an owl and a distant wolf howl.

At about ten o’clock in the evening the dog turned to the exit and plaintively whined. Trevor opened the door, thinking that his pet was asking for need. However, the animal sat at the threshold and stared hard at the darkness.

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The next day, when the hunter and the dog made their way through the forest, An unexpected and loud crack of branches sounded near them. Sandy bowed his head, grinned and growled into the void.

Returning with the owner to the hut, he immediately went to his sunbed and did not leave him for almost a day. The dog did not touch food and all the while whining, he looked at the entrance. Trevor opened at night door to throw away scraps – and suddenly the dog, jumping up, with deafening bark rushed out and instantly disappeared into the darkness of the forest. She could hear her bark gradually drifting away until fell silent completely.

Trevor, completely discouraged, grabbed a flashlight, a gun and walked around the hut for several hours, vainly calling on his pet. When the dawn came, the man returned to the house, realizing that he can only wait. If Sandy never returns, will have to leave alone, because the unfortunate dog may well become a victim of a large predator.

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Sandy returned three days later. It turned out a foggy evening, and the hunter I saw a dog, inadvertently looking out the window. Hazed Dog sat on a dirt road and, not looking up, looked towards the house. Overjoyed, Trevor opened the door, whistled customarily and shouted: “Sandy, boy, come quickly to me!”

To better describe what then happened, it’s better to quote the author:

He moved … differently. Damn it, I was ready swear that both hips were dislocated! With every step my the dog turned its paws as if forgotten how to walk, but it seems to him it didn’t hurt. With this unnatural gait, Sandy went to the porch, somehow strangely arched his back and climbed up the stairs. Then he hobbled in, fell on his litter and froze with fixed look. I felt uneasy. I didn’t have enough courage to feel Sandy, but I nevertheless approached and carefully looked around him. The dog was clearly sick, but how could I help him? A Suddenly this rabies occurred to me. I locked myself in the next room and dozed there until dawn.

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In the morning, the man thought that Sandy’s body was a little longer. At the sight of the owner, the dog got up and somehow strangely wagged the back part of the body. Trevor’s heart was heavy, and he to unwind, decided to walk through the forest. At some point, a man noticed that it was unusually quiet around, like all animals and birds have died. The hunter remembered that forest living creatures used to leave places where a dangerous and ferocious predator is declared.

Cosense ends his story with the words:

When I returned to the hut, it was empty. I’m without procrastination packed up to leave as soon as possible. Heading towards the car, I suddenly heard … my own whistle, as usual summoned the dog. He looked around and saw Sandy. He stood near tree, and the back of his body, monstrously elongated, fully went around the trunk! At some point, the dog leaned to the ground and whistled in my voice! I remember how I threw my bags to the ground, rushed into the van and gave the gas.

Sometimes I blame myself for leaving Sandy there, but then I understand: it was no longer him, but something terrible and inexplicable, from which it is better for an ordinary person to stay away …


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